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Pheotis released this version: March 7, 2024

NOTE: This is a legacy release. This release targets versions 1.17 - 1.20. If, for some reason, you want to use an older version, see our ESR program.


  • Comma separated lists of materials and/or tags are now acceptable values in .gate files.
    • For material detection (such as portal frames), any listed block will be considered valid.
    • For material generation (such as portal irises (entrances) or activators (buttons)), a random listed block will be selected.


  • Dynmap crashes will no longer cascade to Stargate.
  • END_GATEWAY is now a valid iris material for geyser players.
    • This block is solid on bedrock edition; a workaround is now used to mitigate that.
  • Buttons will no longer be overwritten if a valid button is already present.
  • Material and tag inputs are now handled case agnostically.
  • Various minor fixes.


Published onMarch 7, 2024


Paper Paper (1.17-1.20.4)


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