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The Original, and Still the Best, Survival-Friendly Transportation Solution!

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The original, and still the best, MineCraft transportation solution!

An expansive yet intuitive sign-based portal system designed with player creation and usage in mind.
Highly immersive, robustly capable, deeply configurable, and easily expandable!

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Discord Server: link | Website: link | Documentation: link

Stargate is actively undergoing a complete rewrite.
Until superseded, development on legacy versions (0.X.X.X) will be slow.
For more information on the rewrite, please see this link; to become an alpha tester, please join our Discord.

As a stop-gap until the rewrite is ready, this page presently distributes a "legacy" channel.
The legacy build is simply a maintained fork that contains all features from all other known stargate forks!
A full migration service will be available when the rewrite releases; you will be able to import your legacy data.

NOTE: The features showcased below correspond to a legacy release.
This information will be replaced once the rewritten version produces a public release.
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  • Expanded teleportation script:
    • Teleports vehicles (boats, minecarts) and mounts (horses, pigs, etc).
    • Entering a portal with leashed entities will teleport both the player and those entities.
  • Support for a wide variety of materials:
    • Numerous materials may now be used as buttons (activators)
      • As long as a waterproof material is used, portals can be placed underwater!
    • Material tags may are now supported (for instance, #wool)
  • A wide variety of technical improvements
    • The legacy codebase has been refactored, with numerous bugs patched.
    • An API is now available for legacy addons.
  • Support for many use cases
    • Vault support for economic integration
    • Cross-server (i.e. bungeecord) teleportation options
  • Highly customisable
    • Granular player permission nodes
    • Ability to create server-wide custom gate designs
      • Ability to assign unique properties and behaviours to these custom designs.
    • Configurable sign formatting
      • Highlighting and accent colours can be set on a per-sign, per-gate, or global basis
      • Full RGB and dye-colour support, both in-game and in the configuration.
  • Expanded Integration*
    • Dynmap is now supported by default.
    • StargateCommand is now supported by default (edit gate properties and retrieve gate information, all from a tab-completable command)
  • Deep functionality:
    • Portals may be always-on, or button-activated.
    • Portals may share a networks or be split into clusters.
    • Portals may have a fixed destination, or a selection of options.
    • Portals may be public, hidden, or private.
    • Through the use of flags, portal behaviour may be customised
    • Provided sufficient permissions, players may construct and use portals in survival mode.

* These features will be moved to separate modules in the upcoming rewritten release.


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  • This plugin was originally TheDgtl's Bukkit port of the Stargate plugin for hMod by Dinnerbone.
  • After this plugin was dropped by TheDgtl, PseudoKnight began maintaining it for modern versions of Spigot (adding support for UUIDs & Material Strings).
  • EpicKnarvik97 forked that version to clean up the code, added leash support, and improved vehicle support.
  • LockedCraft and LittleBigBug also forked that version to add underwater and tag support, as well as a few bug fixes.
  • The current legacy release combines all the forks above, and is maintained by the Stargate Rewritten project.
  • As total rewrite is forthcoming, these legacy versions are (for the most part) in maintenance-only mode.

Installation / Migration

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Installation and migration should be drag-and-drop.

  • If there is a "Stargate" directory, SG will migrate its contents, configurations, and data into a new format.
    • In theory, this migration script should support all known post-drakia (i.e. UUIDs & String-Based block IDs) stargate forks.
      • If you run into any problems, please post an issue report or ask about it on discord.
  • If there is no "Stargate" directory in your Plugins folder, SG will create a fresh install.
If you find any bugs, please post them here!

Support can also be found through this Discord!


Published onApril 22, 2023


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