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MelodyMine (Minecraft Voice Chat Plugin)

MelodyMine (Minecraft Voice Chat Plugin)

Introduction šŸŒ

MelodyMine is a revolutionary system for Minecraft servers where players can simultaneously enter a web interface, communicate, voice chat, and make their in-game interactions richer. Elevate your gameplay with MelodyMine! šŸŽ®šŸŒ

Key Features šŸŒŸ

  • šŸ—£ļø Admin Mode: Admins can communicate with players across the entire server and listen to their conversations, even from a distance. Maintain control and ensure a safe environment. šŸ”ŠšŸ”’
  • šŸ”‡ Player Mute/Unmute: Users can mute or unmute players directly from the web interface, ensuring that no one's voice goes unnoticed. Manage the voice communication effectively. šŸ§ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ“¢
  • šŸŒ Proxy-Less Plugin: MelodyMine can change players' game modes on the website without the need for a proxy like Velocity or BungeeCord. It also captures the voices of players in the same game mode and those nearby, creating a seamless experience. šŸ¹šŸ–„ļø

  • šŸ”’ AuthMe Support: Seamlessly integrate with AuthMe, allowing players to enter the server using their username and password. Enhance security and accessibility. šŸ”’šŸ”‘

  • šŸŒ Automatic Login: Users can obtain an automatic login link by using the /melodymine start link command, simplifying website login and reducing hassle. šŸŒšŸšŖ
  • šŸŒ QRCode Automatic Login: Players can obtain a QR code by using the command /melodymine start qrcode, and by scanning it, they can enter the website. šŸŒāœØ
  • šŸ› ļø Comprehensive API: Developers have access to a comprehensive API, including events like PlayerJoinWebEvent and PlayerLeaveWebEvent, enabling the creation of custom plugins and expanding the possibilities of your server. šŸ“ššŸ‘©ā€šŸ’»

  • šŸ“ Simple Plugin config.yml: Customize plugin settings and messages easily with the user-friendly config.yml. šŸ“āœ‰ļø

# ----- Database configs -----
  host: "localhost"
  port: "3306"
  user: 'root'
  password: ''
  database_name: 'melody'

# ----- Basic configs -----
  host: "localhost"
  port: "3306"
  user: 'root'
  password: ''
  database_name: 'melody'

# ----- Basic configs -----

# game mode name.
server: "Lobby" # must be unique!

# website url
website: "http://localhost:3000"

# websocket url
websocket-url: "ws://localhost:4000"

# websocket auth security key !!! (important) change that after install plugin !!!
websocket-auth-key: "" # must be the same in web server auth key
  • šŸ“ž Call System: You have the ability to make a call using the command /melodymine call start <player> to call other players.
  • šŸŽ§ 3D Sound Capability: Player sounds are played in 3D, and you can determine the player's position through sound.
  • šŸ”Š Talk NamTag and BossBar: When a player speaks in voice chat on the Minecraft server, a nametag is displayed for all players, and a bossbar is shown for the player themselves, which you can fully customize even the config by placing an item with customData instead of displayName.
  • šŸž Robust System: MelodyMine is a highly reliable and secure system with minimal bugs. Any discovered bugs are promptly addressed and fixed, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users. Be part of a community that values your experience and offers continuous improvement. Find announcements and updates on our GitHub repository. šŸ› ļøšŸ›

Links šŸ”—

  • šŸ“– Wiki: To access detailed documentation, visit the MelodyMine Wiki.

  • šŸ’¾ Plugin Installation: Get started with the installation by following the Plugin Installation Guide.

  • šŸ“œ Command List: Explore the list of available commands in the Command List.

  • šŸš¦ Permissions List: Check out the permissions you need in the Permissions List.

  • šŸ“„ Placeholder Information: Discover placeholder details in the Placeholder Information.

  • šŸ“š API Documentation: Dive into the API for advanced customization in the API Documentation.

Get Started šŸš€

Ready to harmonize your Minecraft server experience? Join the MelodyMine community and embark on a journey to enhance your Minecraft server. Explore the endless possibilities, and remember, your experience matters to us! Connect, engage, and play with MelodyMine today! šŸŒŸšŸŽ®

šŸŒ Visit our GitHub repository for updates, bug reports, and contributions. šŸ› ļøšŸž


Published onOctober 4, 2023
LicenseApache 2.0

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