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MelodyMine (Minecraft Voice Chat Plugin)


TAHER7 released this version: October 12, 2023

šŸ“ What's Changed

  • šŸš€ Release 1.1.0 by @Vallerian in PR #1

šŸŒŸ New Contributors

  • šŸŽ‰ @Vallerian made their first contribution in PR #1

Full Changelog: šŸ” Compare 1.0.0...1.1.0

šŸ“¦ QRCode Support

  • āž• Add Command
    • /melodymine start qrcode

šŸ“Š Added bStats Profile

šŸ”‘ Add Permission

  • āž• melodymine.qrcode

šŸŽ§ Add API Listeners

  • āž• PreSendQRCodeEvent
  • āž• PreEnableVoiceEvent
  • āž• PreDisableVoiceEvent
  • āž• PreSetVolumeEvent
  • āž• PostEnableVoiceEvent
  • āž• PostDisableVoiceEvent
  • āž• PostSetVolumeEvent
  • āž• PostSendQRCodeEvent

šŸŽ¶ Add MelodyManager events

  • āž• MelodyManager.enableVoice
  • āž• MelodyManager.disableVoice
  • āž• MelodyManager.setVolume
  • āž• MelodyManager.sendStartQRCode

šŸ—‘ļø Removed database columns

  • āž– serverLastLogin
  • āž– serverLastLogout
  • āž– webLastLogin
  • āž– webLastLogout
  • āž– serverIp
  • āž– webIp

šŸ—‘ļø Removed placeholders

  • āž– %melodymine_weblogin%
  • āž– %melodymine_weblogin_ago%
  • āž– %melodymine_weblogout%
  • āž– %melodymine_weblogout_ago%

šŸž Bug Fix

  • šŸ› API event errors fixed
  • šŸ› Resolved an unknown error on the login page of the website
  • šŸ› Fixed database connection issues
  • šŸ› Improved the website UI


Published onOctober 12, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.2)