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MelodyMine (Minecraft Voice Chat Plugin)


TAHER7 released this version: October 29, 2023

šŸš€ MelodyMine Release 1.2.1

šŸ“ What's Changed

šŸ”„ Plugin updates:

  • šŸ›  Fix ForveVoice Spam Message.
  • šŸ“ Add text value in config.yml to change all text message color.
text: "<gradient:#F04FE7:#FFF4E4>"
  • šŸ“ Add text_hover value in config.yml to change all text hover message color.
text_hover: "<gradient:#F04FE7:#DDB216>"
  • šŸ“ Add count_color value in config.yml to change all count message color.
count_color: "<#DDB216>"
  • šŸ“ Remove force-voice-message from config.yml and instead, a new message website-message will be displayed in the chat. Clicking on it will take you to the website.

šŸ”„ Website Updates:

  • šŸ›  Fix Multi account error


Published onOctober 29, 2023


Paper Paper (1.8-1.20.2)