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Dynamically changes player count on server list based on the pinged host on Velocity

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Dynamic Player Count

Changes the Player Count on the Server List when pinged based on what host in pinged in your Velocity network, with posibility to set a max player count.

You need to map config.yml to match the servers from your network where you want to list a different Player Count.

Example configuration:

  - host: "play.server1.com"
    serverName: "server1"
    maxPlayerCount: false
    type: "dynamic"
    maxPlayers: 100
  - host: "play.server2.com"
    serverName: "server2"
    maxPlayerCount: false
    type: "static"
    maxPlayers: 50
debug: false

host is the host being pinged, and serverName is the server in your network where you want to take the player count. If a host is not mapped here, it will follow your Velocity configuration for player count (shows players in your entire network by default).

type is ignored if maxPlayerCount is set to false, and maxPlayers is ignored if type is set to dynamic

static sets the max player amount in your host to the maxPlayers number, while dynamic changes it to current players +1 (planning to add more functionality on the dynamic type)

This plugin has not been tested using different plugins setups. Please submit an issue if you encounter any problem with other plugins or in general


Published onJune 11, 2024

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