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An Essentials-like, must have command collection for your minecraft server

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A lightweight alternative to EssentialsX without the hustle of saving user specific data
bStat Metrics can be found here

Features (Configurable)

  • You heal animals by feeding them
  • Unless an animal is at full health they can't breed
  • Cooldown for milking cows/mushroom-cows (with bowls)
  • Cooldown for Sheep wool growth
  • You can define a default permission level (purely client-side)



Tweaks only supports the latest version of Paper (1.20.6)
The latest version of Tweaks requires Java 21

Latest version supporting 1.19-1.20.4 (Java 19)
Latest version supporting 1.19-1.20.4 (Java 17)


Environmental commands

Command Description Permission
/day (world) set the time to day tweaks.command.day
/noon (world) set the time to noon tweaks.command.noon
/night (world) set the time to night tweaks.command.night
/midnight (world) set the time to midnight tweaks.command.midnight
/rain (world) let it rain tweaks.command.rain
/sun (world) let the sun shine tweaks.command.sun
/thunder (world) let it thunder tweaks.command.thunder

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: tweaks.commands.environmental

Item commands

Command Description Alias Permission
/enchant [enchantment] (level) enchant your tools tweaks.command.enchant
/head [value/player/url] (value) get heads or information about them skull tweaks.command.head
/item [item] (amount) gives you an item of your choice i tweaks.command.item
/lore [set/append/unset] (lore...) change the lore of your items tweaks.command.lore
/rename [name...] change the name of your items tweaks.command.rename
/repair (all) repair your tools tweaks.command.repair
/unbreakable makes your item unbreakable tweaks.command.unbreakable
/unenchant [enchantment...] unenchant your tools tweaks.command.unenchant

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: tweaks.commands.item

Player commands

Command Description Alias Permission Argument Permission
/back go back to your last position tweaks.command.back
/enderchest (player) open your own or someone else's enderchest ec tweaks.command.enderchest
permits to use the command /enderchest
to allow changes inside of an enderchest, grant
  • tweaks.command.enderchest.edit
player *.others
/feed (player) satisfy your own or someone else's hunger tweaks.command.feed player *.others
/fly (player) toggle your own or someone else's fly state flight tweaks.command.fly player *.others
/gamemode [gamemode] (player) change your own or someone else's gamemode gm tweaks.command.gamemode
permits to use the command /gamemode
  • tweaks.command.gamemode.survival
  • tweaks.command.gamemode.creative
  • tweaks.command.gamemode.adventure
  • tweaks.command.gamemode.spectator
to allow every game mode, grant
  • tweaks.command.gamemode.all
player *.others
/god (player) make you or someone else invulnerable tweaks.command.god player *.others
/hat equip your item as a hat tweaks.command.hat
/heal (player) heal yourself or someone else tweaks.command.heal player *.others
/inventory (player) open your own or someone else's inventory inv
permits to use the command /inventory
to allow changes inside of an inventory, grant
  • tweaks.command.inventory.edit
/ping (player) see your own or someone else's latency latency tweaks.command.ping player *.others
/seen [player] gives you information about a player find tweaks.command.seen
/speed [speed] (player) change your own or someone else's walk or fly speed tweaks.command.speed player *.others
/tpo [player] (player) teleport offline-players to others or you to them tweaks.command.offline-tp

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: tweaks.commands.player

Server commands

Command Description Permission
/broadcast [message] broadcast a message tweaks.command.broadcast
/lobby connect to the lobby
/motd [message] change the motd of the server tweaks.command.motd

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: tweaks.commands.server

Workstation commands

Command Alias Permission
/anvil tweaks.command.anvil
/cartography-table cartography tweaks.command.cartography-table
/enchanting-table enchanting tweaks.command.enchanting-table
/grindstone tweaks.command.grindstone
/loom tweaks.command.loom
/smithing-table smithing tweaks.command.smithing-table
/stonecutter tweaks.command.stonecutter
/workbench wb tweaks.command.workbench

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: tweaks.commands.workstation



Option Description Value
back-buffer-stack-size the amount of locations stored for the /back command
the larger the value the more ram will be reserved
Integer (1-n)
default-permission-level the permission level determines which commands a player can access
this option is purely-client side therefore has no effect on the server
(-1 disables this option)
byte (-1/0-4)
override-join-message whether to override the join message
the message can be changed within the local files
true, false
override-quit-message whether to override the quit message
the message can be changed within the local files
true, false
override-chat whether to override the chat
the chat format can be changed within the chat-format entry
true, false
log-chat whether to send the chat to the console
not related with override-chat
true, false

For more information about the permission level visit: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Permission_level


Option Description Value
enable-lobby-command whether the lobby command should be enabled true, false
lobby-server-name the name of the lobby server String

MiniMessage Chat Tags

These tags can be used within the chat-format entry
To insert a tag just use <tag>

Tag Description Requires
player_prefix the prefix of the sender LuckPerms
player_suffix the suffix of the sender LuckPerms
player_group the group of the sender LuckPerms
signature the message signature
delete a clickable component to delete a certain message
(requires the signature as argument)
display_name the display name of the sender
message_content the text content of the sent message
usable within click actions
message the original message sent
player the name of the sender
world the world of the sender

For more information about minimessage visit: https://docs.advntr.dev/minimessage/format.html

Chat Message Deletion

With the delete-tag-format option you can control the look and feel of the component

For security reasons, the entire delete tag will only be visible to players with the permission tweaks.chat.delete
To allow the deletion of the users own messages, grant: tweaks.chat.delete.own


(This feature is based on LuckPerms' weight system, therefore requires LuckPerms)

The chat hierarchy makes it possible to control who can delete who's messages.
A users weight acts as an upper limits for their deletion privileges.

For example, a user with a weight of 100 can delete messages from users with weights equal to or lower than 100,
but not from those with weights higher than 100.

To add a hierarchy permission use: tweaks.chat.delete.<weight>


The update-time entry, is given in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second).
The lower the value the faster the /invsee inventory updates.
The minimum value is 1 tick to avoid lag.

Vanilla Tweaks

Option Description Value
cow-milking-cooldown the cooldown until a (mooshroom) cow give milk again milliseconds
mushroom-stew-cooldown the cooldown until a mooshroom can give mushroom stew again milliseconds
sheep-wool-growth-cooldown the minimum cooldown until sheep can grow back their wool
(values below 2 minutes are not really noticeable)
animal-heal-by-feeding whether animals should heal by feeding them
this implies animals can only breed when on full hearts
true, false

For more information about sheep wool growth visit: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Wool_farming


Published onMay 25, 2023
Supports Folia

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