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A Multiverse-like, world management system for modern paper servers

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Simple, modern, efficient and blazingly fast world management system with support for linking worlds to properly use portals with multiple worlds
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Worlds only supports the latest version of Paper (1.20.6)
The latest version of Worlds requires Java 21

Latest version supporting 1.19/1.20.4 (Java 19)
Latest version supporting 1.19/1.20.4 (Java 17)



Argument Description Usage Permission
create build an image and create a world based on that /world create [name] (flags) worlds.command.world.create
delete permanently delete a certain world /world delete [world] (flags) worlds.command.world.delete
export save a certain world to the disk /world export (world) worlds.command.world.export
import import a world from an existing image /world import [image] worlds.command.world.import
info receive all important information about a world /world info (world) worlds.command.world.info
list receive a list of all existing worlds /world list worlds.command.world.list
setspawn change the spawn point of a world /world setspawn (position) (angle) worlds.command.world.setspawn
teleport teleport you or someone else to a certain world /world teleport [world] (player) worlds.command.world.teleport

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: worlds.commands.world

Argument Description Usage Permission
create create a new world link /world link create [source] [destination] (portal-type) worlds.command.link.create
delete delete an existing world link /world link delete [link] worlds.command.link.delete
list receive a list of all world links /world link list worlds.command.link.list

The perm-pack to grant all permissions: worlds.commands.link


Command flags are used by adding a double dash (--) in front of the name (example: --generator)
the aliases can be used by adding a single dash (-) in front of the alias (example: -g)

/world create

Flag Alias Values Description
auto-save true, false whether the world will automatically save
base b world creates a copy of the given world
deletion world, world-and-image automatically deletes the world (and its image) on shutdown
environment e nether, normal, the-end changes the environment of the world
generator g world generator plugin uses a custom generator and biome provider for the world creation
hardcore sets the world in hardcore mode
identifier i world generator identifier defines which generator/biome-provider was requested for the generator
load-manual prevents the world from getting automatically loaded on startup
preset world preset uses a custom world preset for the world creation
seed s seed (Long/String) defines the seed which will be used to generate the world
structures true, false whether structures should generate in the world
type t amplified, flat, large-biomes, normal changes the type of the world

/world delete

Flag Description
confirm confirms you action
schedule schedules the world deletion to shutdown
keep-image deletes the world but not its image
keep-world unloads the world (no files will be deleted)

The general spawn position will be overridden and only the world will be used

World Images


In the near future World Images will be replaced or even removed In their current state they are not very safe or consistent in their behaviour The goal is to use as much information provided in the level.dat file

A world image file has the extension .image and contains a json object with the following entries

Key Values Description Optional
name String the name of the world No
key NamespacedKey the namespaced key of the world No
settings World Preset the world settings
(only applies to world type flat)
generator World Generator defines the world generator
(not combinable with settings)
deletion WORLD, WORLD_AND_IMAGE what to delete on shutdown Yes
environment NORMAL, NETHER, THE_END the environment of the world No
type NORMAL, FLAT, LARGE_BIOMES, AMPLIFIED the type of the world No
loadOnStart boolean whether the world should be loaded on startup Yes

World Generator

A world generator consists out of two parts: The plugin and the identifier
The plugin is the name of the plugin that provides a generator.
In most cases the identifier will not be required, but in case a plugin provides multiple world generators,
you have to define which one you have to use.


  "name": "example",
  "generator": {
    "plugin": "example-plugin",
    "identifier": "example-generator"
  "key": "worlds:example",
  "settings": {
    "biome": "minecraft:the_void",
    "layers": []
  "deletion": "WORLD",
  "environment": "NORMAL",
  "type": "FLAT",
  "loadOnStart": true

World Presets




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Published onOctober 1, 2023

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