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The powerful and intuitive set homes, warps, and teleports plugin/mod

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HuskHomes is a powerful, intuitive and flexible teleportation plugin for Minecraft: Java Edition servers. HuskHomes contains a meaty—but not bloated—set of player teleportation features, including set homes, warps, public homes, teleport requests, previous and offline position teleporting—and more.

HuskHomes can be used on your Spigot, Sponge or Fabric server, and with a MySQL Database even works cross-server, letting players teleport across your proxy (Bungee or Velocity) network!

⚠️ Please note: Only the Spigot/Paper plugin version of HuskHomes is distributed on Hangar (click here for other platforms)

https://thread-assets.william278.net/huskhomes_set_homes.gif https://thread-assets.william278.net/huskhomes_tpa_requests_square.gif https://thread-assets.william278.net/huskhomes_public_homes_square.gif https://thread-assets.william278.net/huskhomes_editing_homes_square.gif https://thread-assets.william278.net/features_heading.png

⭐ Works cross-server

Let players seamlessly teleport and set homes across your proxies network of servers using MySQL.

⭐ Zero learning curve

Your players already know how to use it! /sethome, /home, /tpa, /rtp—among others—are all built-in and easy-to-use.

⭐ Quick and beautiful menus

Sometimes, simple is better. No monolithic chest GUIs—instead, robust and beautiful interactive chat menus.

⭐ Great admin features

Comes with all the classic admin commands—/tp and /warp—as well as robust tools for managing other players' homes.

⭐ Plan & Web map plugin hooks

Stay in touch with your community through home analytics via Plan and display homes on Dynmap or BlueMap.

⭐ Extensible API & open-source

Still not enough? Extend the plugin with the HuskHomes API. Or, submit a pull request—we're open-source!

Ready? Get started!

HuskHomes requires the following:
  • Minecraft Spigot (1.17.1+), Fabric (latest Minecraft), or Sponge (Implementing API v8)
  • Java version 17+

A MySQL 8.0+ database is also required for cross-server support.

Helpful links to get you started:
  • Website — Visit my website!
  • Docs — Check the HuskHomes docs!
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!
  • bStats — Check out the plugin metrics!
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!
  • Setup — Read the setup instructions!
  • Translations — Learn how to translate HuskHomes!


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onApril 22, 2023
LicenseApache 2.0
Supports Folia