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William278 released this version: September 10, 2023

HuskHomes 4.5 adds a new bulk-delete admin command and makes a plethora of fixes and improvements.

  • Added a new /huskhomes delete command, for performing bulk delete actions on large numbers of homes/warps on certain servers/worlds, or deleting a single player's data (#484, #257)
    • Usage: /huskhomes delete player [name] &/huskhomes delete <world/server> <world> <server>
    • Permission: huskhomes.command.huskhomes.delete
  • Added the ability to customise the regex patterns used to restrict home/warp names & descriptions
    • New string options in the config file support this
    • The old options for restricting the use of UTF-8 characters in home/warp names have been changed to toggle this
  • Home creation, warp creation, home description updating and warp description updating will now present more specific and useful error messages if the entered value is too long or contains illegal characters (#481)
  • Added more sanity-checking to cluster ID values (#482)
  • Improved the format of command descriptions and usages in the command list menu
  • Disabling commands will no longer still register the command on Spigot; they will be fully disabled regardless of platform
  • Fixed sound effects not working on Paper/Spigot servers
  • Fixed an issue where disabled commands would still register on Paper servers
  • Fixed an inconsistency with reading mapped values from the config file (#471)
  • Fixed the Pl3xMap hook not enabling on Fabric servers
  • Fixed TAB completion on Fabric not displaying the full list of arguments when an entry for that argument had not started to be typed
  • Updated the Russian (ru-ru) locales, courtesy of ADAMADA8
  • Updated the Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) locales, courtesy of @ApliNi (#487)
  • API: Home and warp creation methods now return a CompletableFuture with the Home/Warp, when it has been created

To update, just drag+drop. You should regenerate your config.yml and messages-xx-xx.yml files. Thank you!


Published onSeptember 10, 2023


Paper Paper (1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.4, 1.20.1)