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William278 released this version: April 1, 2024

HuskHomes 4.6.2 improves the /phome command syntax to be more user-friendly.

  • /phome now accepts just the name of a publicly-set home
    • You no longer need to pass the owner's name
    • If multiple homes with the same name by different users are public, executing this command will bring up a public home list filtered to homes of that name to allow the user to click through
    • TAB completion will now suggest public homes by their name for easier navigation, except in cases where there are delicately-named public homes
  • Added teleportation invulnerability (off by default), courtesy of @ProdPreva1l (#515)
    • This lets you configure a period which players will temporarily be invulnerable for after teleporting
  • Added additional permissions for changing a home/warp's name, description, or location (huskhomes.command.edit(home|warp).(rename|description|relocate))
  • The privacy status of a home will now be displayed in /homelist, courtesy of @ProdPreva1l (#577)
  • Changed date/time formatting so that it is now based on your server's system locale (#599)
  • Whether teleport warmups should be cancelled due to movement/damage is now configurable (#564)
  • Fixed an issue with /tp permissions requiring the other permission for self-teleports (#575)
  • Fixed renaming a home/warp allowing existing homes/wraps to be overwritten (#594)
  • Fixed players not being dismounted from ridable entities/ejecting passengers before a global teleport server change (#555)
  • Fixed interactive menus failing to work properly for users who had consecutive underscores in their usernames or home names (#568)
  • Updated the Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) locales, courtesy of @jhqwqmc (#576, #582, #583)
  • Updated the Turkish (tr-tr) locales, courtesy of @WinTone01 (#596)

To update, just drag+drop. You should regenerate your locales file (message-xx-xx.yml) for this release as their are locale changes.


Published onApril 1, 2024


Paper Paper (1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.4, 1.20.4)