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Plugin for Velocity that provides nickname-based whitelisting without complex!


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VelocityCoolList is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for Minecraft Velocity servers that allows you to create a whitelist based on nicknames.

Commands and permissions

The main command is /vclist, it shows you information about VelocityCoolList, below are its arguments:

Argument Description Permission
enable Enables whitelist. vclist.admin
disable Disables whitelist. vclist.admin
add Add player to the whitelist. vclist.manage
remove Remove player from the whitelist. vclist.manage
list Gives you a list of whitelisted players. vclist.manage
reload Reload plugin. vclist.admin
clear Clears the whitelist. vclist.manage
status Get the status of the plugin. vclist.admin

Aliases: /vcl, /velocitycoollist

Colors and formatting

This plugin supports MiniMessage modern formatting, which allows you to make gradients and many other things. Here is what this formatting supports, its documentation is in config and here!

picture1 picture2 picture3

Configuration file

All the configuration is in the config.yml file, here it is:

# Format - Minimessage, documetation - https://docs.advntr.dev/minimessage/format.html#standard-tags

# Enable or disable Velocity Cool whitelist!
enabled: true

# Set the prefix of the plugin!
prefix: "<gradient:#5e4fa2:#f79459>VelocityCoolList</gradient> <red><bold>>>></red>"

# DANGEROUS: Here you can enable of disable the whitelist clear command, be careful!
enable_clear_command: false

# Do not touch
config_version: 1


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Published onJune 3, 2023

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