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A command and location based shopping plugin for your Paper Minecraft server.

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If you run in to any problems with running or using this plugin, please create an issue on GitHub or message me directly if you're unsure (for creating an issue, please use the search functionality first to see if your issue already exists)!

Shops is now in the BETA phase! With a working configuration, store saves and commands for browsing/buying/selling/adding/removing/updating items within a store. There are still some features to be implemented. At this time, it is possible to create/delete/transfer stores. A default store can be set per world or for all worlds.

Almost all the necessary functionality is implemented, once all the main features are complete, I will spend more time polishing it up, implementing more tests, and expanding the configuration options (as needed).

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Java version: 16+
Depends on: Vault
Requires economy plugin (compatible with Vault) such as: EssentialsX

For a list of all commands, visit the commands page of the Wiki: Shops Commands
For a list of all player permissions, visit the permissions page of the Wiki: Shops Permissions

What is Shops?

Shops is a vanilla-style, command-driven shopping plugin for Paper Servers.

Base Sub-Commands

As a shopping plugin, you can create location based stores and add/remove/update items in the inventory for your (stores). Creating a Store

For customers, when in a store, you can buy items from the store, sell items to the store, and browse the store's catalog. Customer Selling to a Store

Why Command Shops?

Really this stemmed from nostalgia when I used to play on my friend's cousin's Minecraft server where it used Towny and some location-based shopping plugin to make for an ultimate survival multiplayer server.

Back then, most of your plugins would be controlled through commands instead of UI elements.

With newer features such as tab complete to autofill suggested command arguments such as online players and materials, it really makes these command shops even easier to interact with. Sure, pulling up an inventory UI may be much more simple and intuitive for players, I'm sure there are still server operators that enjoy a more vanilla approach, accomplished by commands.

I intend to use this on my personal server(s) with friends/family as well. So this was really created as a personal project that I could learn from.

What if there's a feature I feel is missing?

I believe I have thought of most of the features that I want to implement, but I am definitely open to suggestions. If you would like to make a new request, please visit the issues page on GitHub and search for keywords in your feature/request. If you can't find an existing or closed issue, please feel free to click "New Issue" and try to fill it out in detail with what you would like to see added or improved and why.

Being detailed in your request and explaining the need/want clearly will aid in my decision of whether I deem the feature or request to be in accordance with my goals for this project.

How can I contribute?

If you're looking to implement any of the open issues please review the Contributing Guidelines.

This can be a great way to add projects and workflows to your portfolio and resumé.

I would like to restate the importance of following the Contributing Guidelines carefully as to make the review process smoother.

This is a revive of my original command shops plugin from around 2015. I will be updating this as the project advances, but if you're interested in viewing the current state, you can view the source code on GitHub.


Published onAugust 29, 2023

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