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A command and location based shopping plugin for your Paper Minecraft server.

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chalk released this version: August 29, 2023

  • b4cb46a update README for new Shops image
  • 7689571 Update pom version to 0.2-BETA for next version
  • 6367714 change create and publish release name and fix release stage output variable and display name tag variable
  • 0a7560b change create and publish release workflow to enable a more seamless workflow
  • 7b4369c fix create release workflow
  • 7fb984b fix create release workflow
  • f8f1af8 fix create release workflow
  • e629578 fix create release workflow
  • d0f89ea Update pom version to 0.2-BETA for next version
  • 8fb9dc2 fix create release workflow
  • 0d954aa Update pom version to 0.2-BETA for next version
  • b8be5cf update CONTRIBUTING Guidelines
  • 3783f67 update CONTRIBUTING Guidelines
  • dfb0f29 GH-23 enable ability to update store locations update README shields for consistency fix tests
  • 03953fb update README update create-release workflow update lists to not use Arrays.asList() and to use Collection.singletonList() for single item lists
  • 3d049f7 GH-23 add tests for EntranceListener update tests to expand coverage reorganize tests
  • 3e99263 fix tests and disable failing tests due to config not being loaded
  • d8690c6 GH-26 add functionality for custom messages and create ConfigTest GH-23 add limits to creation of stores add Notifiable to Transaction to support keys in messages
  • f9766f0 GH-26 add default config.yml and config support GH-23 add off-limits zones and prevent players from overlapping current stores update "shops" to "stores" when referring to the stores for consistency
  • dae4eca GH-23 add ShopEntranceListener to check if a player enters or leaves a shop
  • 5f135b0 GH-23 update create command to support coordinates
  • b1aabfe GH-23 add Cuboid and update Store to support locations fix issues with no stores being loaded (null values)
  • 21d0fc7 update README codecov link
  • 5c8fe8e add ability to create shops for other players and update TabCompleter test order and other minor updates
  • 31de39b NO-GH update README
  • 928ce65 GH-16 add force flags to delete command and add unit tests for IMS and DeleteCommand NO-GH fix multiple stores being added to stores list without removing after tests
  • 4d58e3a NO-GH updating caching method to built in from setup-java
  • f191262 NO-GH update code coverage link
  • f2de724 NO-GH remove jacoco:report as it gets processed in validate site
  • a3c57cd NO-GH fix pipeline upload/download
  • 9abe0ec NO-GH fix pipeline upload/download
  • 0ca2b56 NO-GH fix pipeline upload/download
  • 0f4b4ab NO-GH update pipeline for better performance
  • 353f743 update version to 0.1 BETA for next release NO-GH update pipeline and create-release to improve efficiency and processing time NO-GH update logos to BETA version
  • 0ebd63f Merging main to develop to keep up to date (#22)
  • 7fc4c26 NO-GH fix download-shaded-jar for real this time
  • aaa1c33 NO-GH fix download-shaded-jar
  • fccec76 NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 61b48d2 NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 055a5f9 NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • eb6437e NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 7afde3a NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 5dbccc9 NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • aafb5ff NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • f901acd NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 88bcfc7 NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 9c6367d NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • d7bad47 NO-GH update download artifact to v3
  • 1367f97 NO-GH new configuration for creating a release
  • 4e02b25 NO-GH fix create-release workflow artifact
  • d78189e NO-GH fix create-release workflow
  • 8c7a373 NO-GH update create-release workflow
  • 5f2692e NO-GH add new workflow for creating a release



Published onAugust 29, 2023


Paper Paper (1.18-1.20.1)


Paper Paper

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