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Paper plugin adding in-world chess matches against players and chess engines (CPUs) to Minecraft

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ChessCraft is a Paper plugin that adds in-world chess matches against other players and chess engines. With ChessCraft, players can challenge each other to intense chess battles in a Minecraft environment.


  • In-world chess matches, reminiscent of life-size chess boards.
  • Pieces: Supports both custom models through a resource pack (linked below), and using textured player heads for resource pack free use.
  • Automatic downloading of the correct Stockfish (chess engine powering ChessCraft) executable for your platform.


To install ChessCraft, simply drop the plugin into your Paper server's plugins folder. The configuration can be adjusted at plugins/ChessCraft/config.yml.

By default, ChessCraft will be configured for use with a resource pack containing custom models for chess pieces. It can be downloaded here. You can either have your players manually install it, or set it as your server resource pack/merge its contents into your existing server resource pack.


First, you must create a chessboard by standing at the desired location for the southwest corner of the board and using the /chess create_board <board_name> <facing> command.

Then, use the /chess challenge player|cpu commands to challenge an opponent. That's all! Now you can right-click the pieces to start making moves!

Chess boards will not automatically place or remove blocks from the world (besides the pieces if configured to use block pieces), they will only manage pieces. This is to allow building your chess board in any way you like. However, the /chess set_checkerboard command can be used to automatically place blocks for a standard board.


Published onFebruary 13, 2023
LicenseApache 2.0

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