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Monitor your server's performance in the tab menu, boss bar, and action bar


Minecraft server mod/plugin to show TPS, MSPT, and other information in the tab menu, boss bar, and action bar.

Current supported platforms:


Live information displays

  • Configure what information will be shown using display configs (/plugins/TabTPS/display-configs/)

    • Each display config has a permission associated, and players with that permission will use that display config.
      • The default display config uses the permission tabtps.defaultdisplay, and allows for using all three display types.
      • Only one display config can be assigned to each player, even if they have permission for multiple. Set priorities for different display configs in the main config (plugins/TabTPS/main.conf)
  • Configure colors for displays using theme configs (/plugins/TabTPS/themes/)

Tab menu

  • Command: /tabtps toggle tab
  • tab menu

Action bar

  • Command: /tabtps toggle actionbar
  • action bar

Boss bar

  • Command: /tabtps toggle bossbar
  • boss bar


Improved TPS command

  • Command: /tickinfo or /mspt
  • Permission required: tabtps.tps
  • tps command

Memory command

  • Command: /memory, /mem, or /ram
  • View information about the current memory pools of the server jvm.
    • Note: the output and usefulness of this command varies depending on the type of garbage collection used, garbage collection settings, and many other factors.
  • Permission required: tabtps.tps
  • tps command

Ping command

  • Commands: /ping, /ping [username], or /pingall
  • View the ping of yourself, or another user. /pingall will show a summary of all connected player's pings.
  • Permissions: tabtps.ping to view your own ping, tabtps.ping.others to view other users ping and the ping summary.
  • ping command
  • ping all

Reload command

  • Command: /tabtps reload
  • Permission required: tabtps.reload


CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onMay 7, 2023

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