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The most customizable maintenance plugin for your Minecraft server you can find.

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About This Plugin

This plugin lets you activate a maintenance mode on your Paper, Velocity, Bungee, and Sponge server, which will prevent players without a permission to join the server.


Maintenance uses MiniMessage as the component text format. LEGACY TEXT FORMATTING (§a/&a) IS NOT SUPPORTED


Its features include:

  • A custom motd as well as server icon, that will be shown during maintenance
  • Start- and endtimers, which will enable/disable maintenance mode after the time is up
  • Schedule timers, which will enable maintenance, then disable it after a given amount of time
  • A '%TIMER%' variable usable in the pingmessage, to show the time until a running endtimer finishes (other variables and tricks are explained in the configuration file's comments)
  • A maintenance whitelist, to grant specific players the ability to join while you're working on your server
  • Notifications when players try to join your server during maintenance
  • Nearly all messages are editable via the language file, given in a multitude of different languages

Additional features on Velocity/Bungee:

  • Only want to enable maintenance on a single server? You can also do so by using the /maintenance <on/off> <servername> command
  • Link multiple proxy instances with a MySQL database connection, so you don't have to enable/disable maintenance on each proxy by hand
  • Waiting servers during full proxy maintenance, as well as fallback servers to go to when a single proxied server is under maintenance
  • Want to have PlaceholderAPI placeholders on Paper? Get the MaintenanceAddon
Want to know a secret?

You can have text left of the server icon by just adding a lot of spaces to the playercountmessage, like so:

playercountmessage: "Maintenance                                                                    AAAA"


IMPORTANT: If using the plugin on a Spigot server, the plugin ProtocolLib is required to use Maintenance to its full extent.


Did you find a bug? Use the issue tracker Other questions or problems? Join the support Discord guild

German Plugin Tutorial


If you want to join the localization crew, join the Discord to get the proofreader or translator role on Crodwin. All translations are done here: https://crowdin.com/project/maintenance


Arguments in < > are necessary, those in [ ] aren't (can be omitted).

  • /maintenance <on/off> [server] will set the status of the maintenance mode
  • /maintenance reload reloads the config and maintenance-icon file
  • /maintenance <add/remove> <player/uuid> allows specific players to join on the server when maintenance is enabled
  • /maintenance whitelist returns a list of all players on the
  • maintenance whitelist
  • /maintenance starttimer [server] will enable maintenance mode after the time is up
  • /maintenance endtimer [server] will enable maintenance mode for the given time in minutes. After the time is up, it'll be disabled again
  • /maintenance schedule [server] will enable maintenance mode after the given time, then disable it according to the second parameter
  • /maintenance aborttimer cancels a running start-/endtimer
  • /maintenance setmotd <1/2> sets a motd for maintenance mode
  • /maintenance motd lists the currently set maintenance motds
  • /maintenance update remotely downloads the newest version of the plugin onto your server
  • /maintenance dump dumps some server information, used for bug reports


  • maintenance.admin - super permission, that grants access to all perms below
  • maintenance.bypass - join the server during maintenance
  • maintenance.command - use the "/maintenance" command (also required to use the subcommands)
  • maintenance.toggle - use the "/maintenance <on/off>" commands
  • maintenance.reload - use the "/maintenance reload" command
  • maintenance.update - use the "/maintenance <update/forceupdate>" commands
  • maintenance.timer - use the "/maintenance <starttimer/endtimer> " and "/maintenance timer abort" commands
  • maintenance.whitelist.add - use the "/maintenance add " command
  • maintenance.whitelist.remove - use the "/maintenance remove " command
  • maintenance.whitelist.list - use the "/maintenance whitelist" command
  • maintenance.setmotd - use the "/maintenance setmotd <1/2> " command
  • maintenance.motd - use the "/maintenance motd" command
  • maintenance.dump - use the "/maintenance dump" command
  • maintenance.joinnotification - if enabled: sends a notification to you if a player tries to join the server while maintenance is enabled

Extra permissions for the Velocity/Bungee part:

  • maintenance.singleserver.bypass.<server> - join the proxied server during maintenance
  • maintenance.singleserver.toggle - use the "/maintenance <on/off> " commands
  • maintenance.singleserver.timer - use the "/maintenance <starttimer/endtimer> " and "/maintenance timer abort " commands
  • maintenance.singleserver.status - use the "/maintenance status" command

IMPORTANT - If you are using the plugin on your proxyserver: You have to have these permissions on the proxy, not on the backend servers! The best way of doing this is using a proper permissions plugin on the proxy (for example LuckPerms).


If you are using the Paper version of the plugin, you have to have ProtocolLib installed to use the custom server-icon and the playercount-messages (that, or you have Paper running on 1.12.2 or higher)! The rest however is also accessible without it. For the Velocity/Bungee version you don't need to have any other plugins installed.

proxied-maintenance-servers, fallback and mysql section are only for the Velocity/Bungee version.

# Enables maintenance mode.
maintenance-enabled: false

# Enables maintenance on certain servers managed by your proxy instance(s).
  - SpigotServer1
# - AnotherServer

# If maintenance is enabled on a proxied server with players on it, they will be sent to the fallback server instead of being kicked off the network.
# If the fallback server is not reachable/not set, they will just be kicked off the network.
# This can also be set to an array to set multiple fallback servers, in case one server is not always reachable: 'fallback: [s1, s2, s3, ...]'
fallback: lobby

# If maintenance is enabled globally, you can define a "waiting" lobby for players to be sent to instead of being kicked.
# Leave this empty to disable.
waiting-server: ""

# The message shown in the multiplayer server list motd when maintenance is enabled.
# If you put in multiple entries, one of them will be chosen randomly on every ping.
# If running an endtimer, the time left can be displayed by including '%TIMER%' in a pingmessage (also works in playercount(-hover) message).
  - "<red>Currently under maintenance<br><gradient:#fbffc2:#0fffff>We will be back soon!"
# - "Other entry"
enable-pingmessages: true

# Any extra commands inside the arrays will be executed when maintenance is enabled/disabled.
# Example: commands-on-maintenance-enable: ["say hello!", "stop"]
commands-on-maintenance-enable: []
commands-on-maintenance-disable: []

# If set to true and an endtimer is currently running, a pingmessage from this pool will be chosen
# instead of the ones above, so you can have different messages for when an endtimer is running/not running.
enable-timerspecific-messages: true
  - "<red>Currently under maintenance<br><gradient:#fbffc2:#fffff>Come back in:</gradient> <color:#aa55ee>%TIMER%"
# - "Other entry"

# If set to true, the message below will be shown in the top right corner of the server in the serverlist, where the playercount would normally be displayed.
# If set to false, the normal playercount will be shown.
# Alternatively you can use '%ONLINE%' and '%MAX%' if you want to include the playercount in a custom message (e.g. "Maintenance %ONLINE%/%MAX%").
enable-playercountmessage: true
playercountmessage: "<dark_red>Maintenance"

# Is shown when you move your mouse above the text in the top right corner of the server in the serverlist,
# where the playercount would normally be displayed.
enable-playercounthovermessage: true
playercounthovermessage: "<red>Currently under<br><red>maintenance"

# If set to true, the server icon will be changed to the 'maintenance-icon.png' file in the plugin's folder during maintenance.
custom-maintenance-icon: false

# If set to true, players with the 'maintenance.joinnotification' permission will receive a message,
# that a player tried to join the server while maintenance is enabled.
send-join-notification: false

# Set this to false if you do not want players to be kicked when you enable maintenance (new connections will still be blocked).
# ... I don't know why you would want that, but you can disable it. :p
kick-online-players: true

# Changes the language of command feedback/messages.
# If you find missing translations or want to contribute a new language file, you are very welcome to message me on Spigot or my Discord server! :)
# Currently available are: en (English), de (German), fr (French), pt (Portuguese), es (Spanish), ru (Russian), zh (Chinese), it (Italian), pl (Polish), tr (Turkish), sv (Swedish), uk (Ukrainian), ja (Japanese)
language: en

# If you have 2 or more proxy instances, the database connection will make sure all proxies
# have the same maintenance status, so you won't have to enable/disable it on every proxy by hand.
  use-mysql: false
  host: host
  port: 3306
  database: database
  username: username
  password: password
  # Requests to the database will only be made at least x seconds after the last request,
  # so there won't be a request on every single ping on a server with many players.
  # Set this to 0 to make a database request on (almost) every single ping.
  # (0 is not recommended if having more than a hundred concurrent players, then I'd recommend keeping it from 10-60).
  update-interval: 15
  # If you for some reason cannot establish SSL connections to your database, you may disable it here (not recommended).
  use-ssl: true

# If enabled and the server is restarted while running an endtimer, the timer will be continued after the restart.
# If the timer ends while the server is offline, maintenance will be disabled as soon as the server starts again.
  enabled: false
  # This value is set everytime an endtimer is started, cancelled or ended.
  # Do not manually change this value.
  end: 0

# If using the timer command: In what intervalls before enabling/disabling maintenance there will be a broadcast.
timer-broadcast-for-seconds: [1200, 900, 600, 300, 120, 60, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]

# If disabled, you will no longer receive any messages if there is an update.
# Not recommended to disable, as new versions generally tend to run better and with fewer bugs.
# However, you can always check for updates manually using the '/maintenance update' command.
update-checks: true

# Used for autoupdating the config, do not change this value.
config-version: 7
Language file
#You can use https://webui.adventure.kyori.net/ to edit and preview the formatted text
#For a full list of formats and fancy examples, see https://docs.adventure.kyori.net/minimessage/format.html
#Messages containing the placeholder "<prefix>" will have it replaced with the following string
prefix: "<dark_gray>[<yellow>Maintenance<dark_gray>] "
noPermission: "<red>You do not have the permission to execute that command."
kickmessage: "<red>The server is currently under maintenance!<br>Try again later!"
maintenanceActivated: "<prefix><gold>Maintenance mode is now activated."
maintenanceDeactivated: "<prefix><gold>Maintenance mode is now deactivated."
alreadyEnabled: "<prefix><red>Maintenance is already enabled!"
alreadyDisabled: "<prefix><red>Maintenance is already disabled!"
endtimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode will be disabled in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
endtimerStarted: "<prefix><green>Started timer: <gray>Maintenance mode will be deactivated in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
starttimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode will be enabled in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
starttimerStarted: "<prefix><green>Started timer: <gray>Maintenance mode will be activated in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
scheduletimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode will be enabled in <gold>%TIME% <gray>and will last for <gold>%DURATION%<gray>."
timerAlreadyRunning: "<prefix><red>There is already a timer scheduled!"
timerNotRunning: "<prefix><red>There is currently no running timer."
timerCancelled: "<prefix><red>The current timer has been disabled."
timerTooLong: "<prefix><red>The number has to be less than 40320 (28 days)!"
timerMotdDisabled: "<prefix><red>You have to set 'enable-timerspecific-messages' in the config to 'true', if you want to use/edit timerspecific motds."
motdTimer: "%HOURS%:%MINUTES%:%SECONDS%"
motdTimerNotRunning: "-"
joinNotification: "<prefix><yellow>%PLAYER% <red>tried to join the server."
motdList: "<prefix><gray>List of your maintenance motds:"
motdListEmpty: "<prefix><red>You don't have any maintenance motds set!"
reload: "<prefix><green>Reloaded config, whitelistedplayers, language file and the maintenance icon."
removedMotd: "<prefix><green>Removed motd number %INDEX%."
removeMotdError: "<prefix><red>You only have one motd, so you cannot remove any!"
setMotd: "<prefix><green>Set line %LINE% of the %INDEX%. maintenance motd to %MOTD%"
setMotdIndexError: "<prefix><red>You currently have %MOTDS% motds, so you have to pick a number between 1 and %NEWAMOUNT%."
setMotdLineError: "<prefix><red>The second argument has to be the line number (1 or 2)!"
updateDownloading: "<prefix><red><bold>Downloading update..."
updateFailed: "<prefix><dark_red><bold>Update failed!"
updateFinished: "<prefix><green><bold>The update was successful! To prevent issues with tasks and to complete the update, you have to restart the server!"
whitelistedPlayers: "<prefix><gold>Whitelisted players for maintenance:"
whitelistedPlayersFormat: "<dark_gray>- <yellow>%NAME% <dark_gray>(<gray>%UUID%<dark_gray>)"
whitelistAdded: "<prefix><green>Added <aqua>%PLAYER% <green>to the maintenance whitelist!"
whitelistAlreadyAdded: "<prefix><aqua>%PLAYER% <red>already is in the maintenance whitelist!"
whitelistRemoved: "<prefix><green>Removed <aqua>%PLAYER% <green>from the maintenance whitelist!"
whitelistNotFound: "<prefix><red>This player is not in the maintenance whitelist!"
whitelistEmpty: "<prefix><red>The maintenance whitelist is empty! Use <yellow>/maintenance add <player/uuid> <red>to add someone!"
playerNotFound: "<prefix><red>No player with this name has played on this server before."
playerNotFoundUuid: "<prefix><red>No player with that uuid could be found."
playerNotOnline: "<prefix><red>There is no player online with that name."
invalidUuid: "<prefix><red>Invalid uuid format!"

# Messages for the Bungee/Velocity part, you can ignore them if you use the plugin on Spigot/Sponge
sentToWaitingServer: "<prefix><red>You have been sent to a waiting server!"
forceWaitingServer: "<prefix><red>You cannot leave the waiting server while maintenance is enabled!"
serverNotFound: "<prefix><red>No server with this name is registered on the proxy!"
singleTimerAlreadyRunning: "<prefix><red>There is already a timer scheduled for that server!"
singleTimerCancelled: "<prefix><red>The current timer for server <yellow>%SERVER% <red>has been disabled."
singleTimerNotRunning: "<prefix><red>There is currently no running timer for that server."
singleEndtimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode on server %SERVER% will be disabled in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
singleStarttimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode on server %SERVER% will be enabled in <gold>%TIME%<gray>."
singleScheduletimerBroadcast: "<prefix><gray>Maintenance mode on server %SERVER% will be enabled in <gold>%TIME% <gray>and will last for <gold>%DURATION%<gray>."
singleMaintenanceKick: "<prefix><red>The server %SERVER% is currently under maintenance! Try again later!"
singleMaintenanceKickComplete: "<red>The server %SERVER% is under maintenance!<br>You may try to rejoin to go onto another server!"
singleMaintenanceActivated: "<prefix><gold>Maintenance mode is now activated on server <yellow>%SERVER%<gold>."
singleMaintenanceDeactivated: "<prefix><gold>Maintenance mode is now deactivated on server <yellow>%SERVER%<gold>."
singleServerAlreadyEnabled: "<prefix><red>Maintenance is already enabled on server <yellow>%SERVER%<red>!"
singleServerAlreadyDisabled: "<prefix><red>Maintenance is already disabled on server <yellow>%SERVER%<red>!"
singleServerMaintenanceList: "<prefix><gray>Proxied servers, that have maintenance enabled:"
singleServerMaintenanceListEmpty: "<prefix><gray>There are no proxied servers that are under maintenance."
singleServerMaintenanceListEntry: "<dark_grey>- <aqua>%SERVER%"
second: "second"
seconds: "seconds"
minute: "minute"
minutes: "minutes"
hour: "hour"
hours: "hours"
helpHeader: "<dark_gray>========[ <yellow>%NAME% <dark_gray>| <yellow>%PAGE%/%MAX% <dark_gray>]========"
helpPageNotFound: "<prefix><red>There is no page with that number!"
helpNextPage: "<gray>Use <aqua>/maintenance help %PAGE% <gray>to get to the next help window."
helpAbortTimer: "<gold>/maintenance aborttimer <gray>(If running, the current timer will be aborted)"
helpEndtimer: "<gold>/maintenance endtimer <minutes> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be disabled)"
helpStarttimer: "<gold>/maintenance starttimer <minutes> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be enabled)"
helpScheduleTimer: "<gold>/maintenance scheduletimer <timer minutes> <maintenance duration> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be enabled for the given duration in minutes)"
helpDebug: "<gold>/maintenance debug <gray>(Enables some debug logging)"
helpDump: "<gold>/maintenance dump <gray>(Dumps some server information, used for bug reports)"
helpHelp: "<gold>/maintenance help [page] <gray>(Shows this beautiful help window)"
helpMotd: "<gold>/maintenance motd [timer] <gray>(Lists the currently set maintenance motds. If specifying 'timer', the timer motds are shown)"
helpRemoveMotd: "<gold>/maintenance removemotd [timer] <index> <gray>(Removes a maintenance motd. If using 'timer' as an argument, a timerspecific pingmessage will be removed)"
helpSetMotd: "<gold>/maintenance setmotd [timer] <index> <1/2> <message> <gray>(Sets a motd for maintenance mode. If using 'timer' as an argument, a timerspecific pingmessage will be set)"
helpReload: "<gold>/maintenance reload <gray>(Reloads the config file, whitelist file and the server-icon)"
helpToggle: "<gold>/maintenance <on/off> <gray>(Enables/disables maintenance mode)"
helpUpdate: "<gold>/maintenance update <gray>(Remotely downloads the newest version of the plugin onto your server)"
helpWhitelist: "<gold>/maintenance whitelist <gray>(Shows all whitelisted players for the maintenance mode)"
helpWhitelistAdd: "<gold>/maintenance add <name/uuid> <gray>(Adds the player to the maintenance whitelist, so they can join the server even though maintenance is enabled)"
helpWhitelistRemove: "<gold>/maintenance remove <name/uuid> <gray>(Removes the player from the maintenance whitelist)"

# Messages for the Bungee/Velocity part, you can ignore them if you use the plugin on Spigot/Sponge
helpAbortSingleTimer: "<gold>/maintenance aborttimer [server] <gray>(If running, the current timer will be aborted)"
helpSingleEndtimer: "<gold>/maintenance endtimer [server] <minutes> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be disabled)"
helpSingleStarttimer: "<gold>/maintenance starttimer [server] <minutes> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be enabled)"
helpSingleScheduleTimer: "<gold>/maintenance scheduletimer [server] <timer minutes> <maintenance duration> <gray>(After the given time in minutes, maintenance mode will be enabled for the given duration in minutes)"
helpSingleToggle: "<gold>/maintenance <on/off> [server] <gray>(Enables/disables maintenance mode)"
helpStatus: "<gold>/maintenance status <gray>(Lists all proxied servers, that are currently under maintenance)"

# Used for autoupdating the language file, do not change this value.
language-version: 1

MySQL/Multi-Proxy Support

Only available in the Bungee/Velocity version! By enabling MySQL in the config, you can even connect multiple proxy-servers to a set value in your database, so you won't have to enable/disable maintenance on each proxy by hand!


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Published onDecember 22, 2022



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