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Minecrafts Best Hide and Seek Plugin

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This Plugin Is No Longer Supported Or Being Updated

A Minecraft Blockhunt and Hide and Seek Plugin

Fully configurable to whatever you want

Custom scoreboards, databases, items, and much more

Supported Versions: 1.8.x - 1.20.x

Blockhunt and Glow Effect do not work on 1.8.x

If you are getting weird "Packet" issues make sure you are on the correct version of ProtocolLib!!!


  1. Make sure to have a server that supports the Bukkit API
  2. Download and install ProtocolLib as it is required for the plugin to work
  3. Download the latest version of the plugin and put it into your /plugins folder
  4. Restart your server and the configuration files should automatically generate
  5. Read the wiki for in game setup instructions


  • This plugin supports both Blockhunt and regular Hide and Seek gamemodes, which can be toggled in the config.yml file
  • A Glow powerup for Hiders to view where nearby Seekers are located. Can be disabled and configured.
  • A border that slowly closes in as the game progresses, killing those who are left on the outside. Can be disabled and configured.
  • A taunt system that randomly selects hiders and lets seekers know of their presence. Can be disabled and configured.
  • Player's wins, losses, kills, deaths, and hider and seeker statics are stored in a SQLite or MySQL/MariaDB database. You can install PlaceholderAPI to interface with this data. More info on the wiki.
  • Fully lobby system where players can join, automatic starting, and custom scoreboards.
  • Fully custom in game scoreboard that can display teams, powerup information, event information, and game information.
  • Total message localization that allows players to change any message in the plugin to whatever they want. English and German localizations have been premade, but still can be altered if wished.
  • Custom items and effects can be given out to either the Hiders and Spectators for when they are in the game.
  • A complete spectator mode with player teleporting.

Config Files

  • config.yml - The general configuration file which contains most of the plugins configuration options along with help text to help server owners understand the options.

  • items.yml - Sets what items and effects each team gets while in the game

  • leaderboard.yml - Sets what is displayed on the lobby or in game scoreboard

  • localization.yml - Sets what text is displayed by the plugin. Can be used to change the wording of the message, or even the language.


Q: How can i set player permissions for commands. A: Every command has their permission listed on the wiki!

Q: I need help setting up my plugin! A: Please reread the plugin page and the plugins wiki. If you are still having issues, please contact me at KenshinEto#2116 on discord and I can try to help you.

Q: I found a bug in the plugin and I want to report it. A: Please go to the plugins repository, and submit a Issue under the Issues page.

Q: I want to contribute to the plugin. How would I do that? A: If you have suggestions, feel free to submit them as an Issue on the Issues page, otherwise create a Pull Request to the repository for any code changes you have made and wish to add.


Published onMay 17, 2023

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