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A plugin that provides a unified authorization system for players on different servers​

ZoneZero Auth System (Alpha test)
A plugin that provides a unified authorization system for players on different servers

Now the plugin is in active development, what you download is an open test of what is already ready. Please, if you encounter any errors - write to us in the discord, which is listed below.




Join the Discord if you have any questions or if you need help.

Available at the moment:

  • Single login/password on all servers with this plugin
  • Two factor authorization
  • Full data encryption when communicating with ZoneZero server - plugin
  • Player stats tracking
  • All player data in the database is encrypted
  • Useful settings in the config

What will be added before the release:

  • Ability to delete an account by a player
  • Registering a server through the site and getting a token for the config
  • Telegram 2Fa
  • Online server control panel
  • For servers with a constant online up to 100 people - the plugin will be free, then a subscription for 0-500 and 1000+ players online
  • Many different settings in the config
  • View your inventory by the player on the server in real time
  • Vault support (maybe)
  • PlaceholderAPI support
  • Public API for developers
  • Multiple Language Support


The latest version can be downloaded on the github releases page.


In order for ZoneZero to work, it must be placed in the plugins folder.


description: Login command
permission: zonezero.player.login
usage: /login <password>
aliases: [lg, log, l]

description: Register command
permission: zonezero.player.register
usage: /register <password> <password>
aliases: [reg]

description: 2 factor authentication
permission: zonezero.player.2fa
usage: /2fa <code>
aliases: [2a, 2f]

2fa help:
description: 2 factor authentication help
permission: zonezero.player.2fa
usage: /2fa help

2fa enable:
description: 2 factor authentication enable
permission: zonezero.player.2fa
usage: /2fa enable <password> <email> <email>

2fa disable:
description: 2 factor authentication disable
permission: zonezero.player.2fa
usage: /2fa disable <password>

description: Change password command
permission: zonezero.player.changepassword
usage: /changepassword <password> <newpassword> <newpassword>
aliases: [ cp, changepass, chpass, chpassword ]

description: Plugin tools
permission: zonezero.player.help
usage: /zonezero
aliases: [zz]

zonezero help:
description: Help command
permission: zonezero.player.help
usage: /zonezero help

zonezero reload:
description: Reloads plugin
permission: zonezero.admin.reload
usage: /zonezero reload


default config
token = "API TOKEN"

# Can not authenticated players chat?
# Keep in mind that this feature also blocks all commands not
# listed in the list below.
allowChat = false
# Allowed commands for unauthenticated players
allowCommands = ["/login", "/log", "/l", "/register", "/reg", "/2fa", "/zz", "/zonezero"]
# Should unregistered players be kicked immediately?
kickNonRegistered = false
# Should players be kicked on wrong password?
kickOnWrongPassword = true
# Should JoinMessage appear only after user authorization/registration?
joinMessageOnAuth = true
# The custom join message,
# keep empty to use the original one.
# Available variables:
# <PLAYER_NAME>: the player name (no colors)
# <DISPLAY_NAME>: the player display name (with colors)
# <DISPLAY_NAME_NO_COLOR>: the player display name (without colors)
customJoinMessage = ""
# The custom leave message,
# keep empty to use the original one.
# Available variables:
# <PLAYER_NAME>: the player name (no colors)
# <DISPLAY_NAME>: the player display name (with colors)
# <DISPLAY_NAME_NO_COLOR>: the player display name (without colors)
customLeaveMessage = ""
# Should we remove the leave messages of unlogged users?
removeUnloggedLeaveMessage = false
# Should we remove join messages altogether?
removeJoinMessage = false
# Should we remove leave messages altogether?
removeLeaveMessage = false
# Do we need to add potion effect Blinding before login/register?
applyBlindEffect = false

version = 1.0


welcome_message = "&aWelcome to the server!"
help_message = """&aCommands: login, log, l, lg, register, reg, zonezero help, zonezero reload, 2fa"""
please_register = "&aPlease register on server by using command '&b/register <password> <password>&a'"
please_login = "&aPlease login on server by using command '&b/login <password>&a'"
no_permission = "&cYou do not have permission to do this!"
insufficient_parameter = "&cYou must specify more parameters!"
redundant_parameter = "&cYou must specify fewer parameters!"
command_not_found = "&cCommand not found!"
reflection_error = "&cAn error occurred while executing the command!"
not_player = "&cYou cannot execute this command outside of the game!"
already_registered = "&cYou already registered!"
not_registered = "&cYou're not registered!"
plugin_restarted = "&aPlugin has been restarted"
error_on_restart = "&cAn error on plugin restart: <ERROR>"
already_logged_in = "&cYou're already logged in!"
successfully_logged_in = "&aYou have been logged in!"
successfully_logged_in_ip = "&aYou have been logged in by ip!"
successfully_registered = """&aYou have been registered!\nYou can now use /2fa"""
successfully_password_changed = "&aYour password has been changed!"
successfully_two_factor_enabled = "&a2Fa for your account has been enabled!"
successfully_two_factor_disabled = "&a2Fa for your account has been disabled!"
two_factor_already_enabled = "&c2Fa already enabled on <EMAIL>!"
two_factor_already_disabled = "&c2Fa already disabled!"
two_factor_incorrect = "&c2Fa code is incorrect!"
wrong_password = "&cIncorrect password!"
password_mismatch = "&cThe entered passwords do not match!"
email_mismatch = "&cThe entered emails do not match!"
error_on_register = "&cError on register!"
error_on_login = "&cError on login!"
error_on_password_change = "&cError on password change!"
error_on_two_factor = "&cError on 2fa code (Serverside)!"
please_wait = "&aPlease wait..."
too_many_attempts = "&cToo many attempts. Please wait &f&l<SECONDS> &cseconds."
authorize_on_server = "&cPlease, authorize on server to do this!"
kick_unregistered = "&cYou are not registered in ZoneZero!"
two_factor_sent = "&aA two-step verification code has been sent to your email!"
two_factor_help = "HELP ABOUT 2FA"
not_email = "&cThis '<VALUE>' value is not an email!"
wrong_password_size = "&cPassword size cannot be less than <SIZE>!"
code_outdated = "&cYour code is outdated!"

[config] version = 1.0


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Published onApril 2, 2023


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