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Register new servers without restarting Velocity!

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👋 Welcome to RustyConnector

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RustyConnector is a load-balancing plugin that can run on Velocity/Paper/Folia networks, which allows your proxy to automatically register or unregister sub-servers while it's running.

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Download from GitHub, or check out the plugin release pages.


Join our Discord community here for support!
(Support is offered to paying server members only)

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🚀 Plugin Release Page


Click to go to Modrinth plugin release page.


Click to go to Hangar plugin release page.

✨ Features

  • ✅ Built for large networks

  • ✅ Register brand-new servers to the proxy during runtime

  • ✅ Blazing fast data transmission with Redis integration

  • ✅ Create pre-defined whitelist configs and activate them dynamically

  • ✅ Register similar servers into families with family-level whitelists and load balancing

  • ✅ Automatically unregister frozen servers from the proxy

  • ✅ Set soft and hard player limits for servers

  • ✅ Built for stateful Minecraft servers!

  • ✅ End-to-end packet encryption

  • ✅ Works with LuckPerms-Velocity

  • ✅ Works with Kubernetes

  • ✅ Works with Folia

  • ❌ Can give you a hug

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CategoryAdmin Tools
Published onFebruary 28, 2023
Supports Folia