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Pre-generates chunks, quickly and efficiently


pop4959 released this version: February 15, 2024


  • Added a special new world pattern type which allows re-loading only chunks that already exist.
  • Added an optional world argument to the /chunky worldborder command.
  • Added support for cancelling long running trim operations using /chunky cancel.
  • Added progress messages for trim based on the percentage of completed regions processed.
  • Added a warning when setting the world border radius below the value of max-world-size in server.properties.
  • Improved performance of skipping already generated chunks on Spigot. (@Emily)
  • Improved performance of trim operations when filtering by inhabited time.
  • Improved detection of world region directories.
  • Updated default sampling interval for rolling ETA calculation from 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Updated community translations from Crowdin.
  • Fixed an error when processing invalid region files with trim.
  • Fixed an error saving tasks using the CSV pattern type.


Published onFebruary 15, 2024


Paper Paper (1.18-1.20.4)