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The next generation chat plugin for managing your server's chat.

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The next generation chat plugin for managing your server's chat.

FairyChat is the future of chat management for your server, providing a range of features from customizable chat formats to multi-server message broadcasting. The perfect solution to bring a seamless chatting experience to your server users.


  • Customizable Chat Format: Personalize the chat format as per your needs.
  • Per-Group Chat Format: Differentiate chats based on the user group for better management.
  • Private Messaging: Send private messages to other players with ease. Supports tab completion across multiple servers.
  • MiniMessage & MiniPlaceholders Support: All formats are compatible with MiniMessage & MiniPlaceholders, making the customization process easier than ever.
  • Legacy Support: Legacy Color codes are supported, so you don't have to worry about your old chat formats. PlaceholderAPI is also supported.
  • Optional Multi-Server Message Sending: Have multiple servers? No problem. FairyChat supports sending messages across servers with Redis.
  • Fully Paper Compatible: FairyChat is fully compatible with Paper, and is optimized to provide the best performance.


You can find the documentation for FairyChat here.

Commands & Permissions

Command Permission Description
/broadcast <message> fairychat.command.broadcast Broadcast a message to all servers
fairychat.feature.minimessage Use mini message in chat
/pm <username> <message> Send a private message to a player
/r <message> Reply to a private message
/ignore <username> Toggle ignoring a player
fairychat.bypass.ignore Bypass ignoring a player


You need to have Paper (or fork of paper) installed on your server. FairyChat is not compatible with other server software.

It's also important to have MiniPlaceholders installed on your server. You can download it from here.

For the best experience, you also should install the player expansion for MiniPlaceholders. You can download it from here.


If you need any help with FairyChat, feel free to join our Discord server.

For bug reports and feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub.


Please checkout the generated configuration file for more information on how to configure FairyChat.


FairyChat is licensed under MIT License, which can be found here.


Published onJune 18, 2023
Supports Folia

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