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Protect and lock Chests, Furnaces, etc. with a easy to use GUI.

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Bug reports: https://github.com/spnda/BlockProt/issues

BlockProt is a easy-to-use block and chest protection plugin. Players can lock chests, furnaces, doors and much more. Unlike traditional chest lock plugins, this uses a simple GUI with buttons to click. This removes the struggle of crafting signs or remembering commands. Especially for beginners, this plugin is very easy to grasp and use.


  • Protect chests, furnaces, anvils, doors and much more.

  • Players can configure their blocks with an easy to use GUI.

  • The plugin stores all data inside the blocks themselves, therefore doesn't need any backing database and works when copying worlds.

  • Players can add friends to individual blocks.

  • Players can define friends that automatically get added to all new locked blocks.

  • All protections are saved as UUIDs, name changes are therefore not breaking.

  • OP Users can check the owner of a chest and remove them if needed.

  • Full redstone protection, if the player enables it in the block's GUI.

  • Full integration with **Towny, WorldGuard, Lands, and ** PlaceholderAPI!


Permissions are a Bukkit feature and not a custom thing of this plugin! Please refer to the permissions.yml file in your server or find another plugin to manage permissions (these usually have a lot of features and functionality).

  • Players require the blockprot.lock permission to lock blocks and access them.
  • Players with the blockprot.info permission can view the owner and friends of a block
  • Players with the blockprot.admin permission can unlock and manage blocks from all players
  • Players with the blockprot.bypass permission can bypass any protections but cannot edit blocks.


If a player has the blockprot.lock permission, they can crouch and right-click a lockable block to access the lock GUI. From there they can lock/unlock the block, add friends, remove friends and enable/disable redstone protection. By default the block gets locked upon placing it, though this behaviour can be changed using the /blockprot settings command.

This plugin requires at least Spigot. CraftBukkit is not supported and shouldn't be used anyway.


If you know a language that isn't supported by this plugin (yet) we'd love if you could translate for us!

You can do so easily by going to gitlocalize. You can also hit me up on Spigot or CurseForge and send over the files.

Support / Contact

Please do not use reviews or my profile for support, instead use you can file an issue over at GitHub. If you require more support or want to ask questions, please use the Discord server for chatting.


spnda (me) for the plugin itself and tr7zw for making NBTAPI. Thanks to Amaury, C4BR3R4, hoehoetvhs, ilfarpro, MODcraft, vincentwang, VjrunaRh and many more for translating!


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Published onApril 23, 2023

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