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Real Time Live Map and Admin Tools

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What is LiveKit?

LiveKit is more than just a live map that shows what your players are up to. Administrate your server right out of your pocket, manage your world weather, player bans, whitelisting, open inventories, teleport players and much more! Get started with LiveKit with ease and discover all the features we have to offer. This plugin is in active development with new features coming your way regularly!

Getting started

Server setup

  • Download the latest version of the LiveKit plugin -> Move it to your plugins folder
  • Reload or restart your server
  • Take note of the console output from LiveKit. It will tell you the IP and Port you will need to connect through the app!

App setup

  • Download LiveKit App from on of the stores mentioned at the top of this page
  • In the App tap on + Connect and enter the IP and Port from the step above
  • Follow the instructions in the App, either connect anonymously, or identify which player you are by using the /livekit claim command in-game and entering the code in the app

NOTE: Port forwarding LiveKit port (default 4123) is !recommended!. Port forwarding allows the App to directly connect to your server. If you don’t setup port forwarding, the connection will be proxied through our proxy service, which will impact connection speed and stability

If you are having issues getting started, join our Discord and ask for help!

Setting up your world for rendering

The map is limited by a predefined boundary, so you control how big your rendered map will be. By default the bounds are rectangular and 1024x1024 blocks (or 64x64 chunks, 2x2 regions)

Set your bounds

/livekit bounds [-r|-c] For example, /livekit main_world bounds 4096 -c would set your rendered map border to a circular (-c) shape, with a radius of 4096 blocks

Start a full render

/livekit render full This will start a full render of the world, inside of your bounds defined with the command above. Don’t overdo your bounds, doing a full render takes a while.


If you are using a Vault supported Permissions Plugin (for example LuckPerms) set useVault option to true in the LiveKit config.yml. Make sure to have Vault in your plugins folder.

Permissions for players

Expand for a list of permissions for players

livekit.commands.basic- permission for player commands needed to interact with LiveKit

livekit.module.map - permission to see the live map

livekit.map.info - permission to view block info for a specific block

livekit.module.players - permission to view players on the map (by default you can only see yourself)

livekit.players.other - permission to see other players than yourself on the map

livekit.module.weathertime - permission to see current weather and time of the world

livekit.module.chat - permission to see the chat in the app

livekit.chat.write - permission to chat from the app (only for identified players)

livekit.chat.write_offline - permission to chat from the app while not online on the server

livekit.module.poi - permission to see markers on the map

livekit.poi.personalpins - permission to set personal pins on the map

livekit.module.messaging - permission for private messaging through the app

Permissions for admins

Expand for a list of permissions for admins

livekit.commands.admin - permission for admin commands

livekit.module.admin - permission for admin actions (ban, whitelist, kick, strike, …)

livekit.module.console - permission to access server console through the app

livekit.console.execute - permission to execute console commands

livekit.module.tps - permission to view the server performance page (CPU, RAM, Ticks)

livekit.module.inventory - permission to view and edit player inventories


Expand for a list of commands **/livekit** - check if LiveKit is installed and working correctly. Displays basic info for users to connect to LiveKit (port, password needed, anonymous allowed, claim access) and also links to App or Play store

/livekit claim - generates a pin which is used to identify yourself in the app [livekit.commands.basic]

/livekit headrefresh - refreshes a players head skin [livekit.commands.basic]

/livekit pins - lists players personal set pins and dsiplays their IDs (used for deleting) [livekit.poi.personalpins]

/livekit setpin - sets a pin at the current location of the player with the provided name [livekit.poi.personalpin]

/livekit removepin - removes the specified pin [livekit.poi.personalpin]

/livekit info - displays how many active sessions and active clients (Apps) are connected [livekit.commands.basic]

/livekit map - displays information about the current livemap world and rendering status [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit map cpu - specifies how much time (in %) a chunk may use up for rendering. If you are doing a full rendering of the world, this can improve the rendering speed BUT, it will also cause server lag! [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit - Displays live map info of specified world [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit render full [-m|-f] - Starts a full render of specified world. -f forces already rendered tiles to render again, -m only renders missing tiles. Default is -f if none specified. example: /livekit world render full -m [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit render stop - Stops current rendering job [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit bounds - Check the current bounds of the world [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit bounds [-r|-c] - Sets bounds of specified world to the radius. Radius given in blocks! -c sets a circular radius. -r a rectangular radius. Default is -r example: /livekit world bounds 4096 -c [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit bounds - Sets bounds to given bounding box left (-x), top (-z), right (+x), bottom (+z). In blocks! [livekit.commands.admin]

/livekit headrefresh - refreshes a players head skin (5 minute cooldown) [livekit.commands.admin]


Supported storage types are SQLITE, POSTGRESQL and MYSQL. For default storage, SQLITE is used and not setup is required

Migration between storage types

Expand for migration guide
#Add the following migrate entry to your Config
#This is the currently active storage you want to convert
  type: SQLITE
    host: ‘NULL’
    user: ‘NULL’
    database: ‘NULL’
    password: ‘NULL’

#Change the storage type to your new preferred type
  type: MYSQL
    host: ‘localhost’
    user: ‘root’
    database: ‘LiveKit’
    password: ‘asdf23h12h’

The next time you reload or start your server, LiveKit will convert the storage from migrate -> storage. After successful conversion, the migrate entry is removed. Backup your data before migrating! Storage migration will only happen, if the target storage is empty!


Join our LiveKit community on Discord, where you can ask for help, recommend features or just chat with us!

Plugin integrations

We’ve added integrations for EssentialsX displaying world spawns (per group), player homes and server warps on the map. Private messaging via /pm /msg will deliver private messages in the app, private app messages will be delivered in-game via Essentials private messaging

Expand for a list of permissions

livekit.essentials.info - displays EssentialsX player info on the player info panel

livekit.essentials.homes - displays player homes on map

livekit.essentials.warps - displays warps on the map

livekit.essentials.spawn - displays spawns on the map

livekit.essentials.admin - displays admin info (god mode, jailed, muted…) on player info panel


Displays chat messages from selected channels in the app

Expand for config
    enabled: true
    - ‘859524672889552926’

Make sure to quote the channel ID ‘859…926’

Data Privacy

With LiveKit v1.4.6 and moving forward, the LiveKit plugin communicates with our backend, communicating different metrics so we can provide a better service. LiveKit also offers proxied connections which are provided through our backend. At the moment the following data is collected and stored:

  • Minecraft Server IP, Minecraft Port, LiveKit Port
  • LiveKit connection attempts

You can ask us to delete data corresponding to your server at any time on our Discord. Data will never be shared and only exists to create a better experience for you!


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Published onMay 6, 2024