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Plugin for Spigot, PaperMC, BungeeCord and Velocity to create custom Server list designs


AdvancedServerList is a plugin that allows you to customize your server's MOTD, favicon, Player count text and player count hover displayed in a player's multiplayer server list based on conditions and priorities.

Supported Platforms

platform-paper platform-bungeecord platform-waterfall platform-velocity

What is a Server List Profile?

A Server List Profile refers to a YAML file located in the plugin's profiles directory.
It allows you to configure specific aspects of the server display in the MC-Client's multiplayer server list, such as the MOTD, player count text, player count hover or Favicon.

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Thanks to conditions can you determine when a profile should be displayed in the player's server list, to allow displaying specific text (i.e. a warning when they are using an outdated version).

When multiple profiles exist that have valid conditions will the one with the highest priority (Higher number = higher priority) be selected. Having no conditions makes it automatically true.

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Placeholders can be used within conditions to further customize them. They can also be used in any other text option to display their respective values. The format is ${<target> <identifier>} which was adopted from BungeeTabListPlus. Depending on what platform you use the plugin on are only specific placeholders available.

When using the SpigotMC/PaperMC version, or while PAPIProxyBridge is installed on your proxy, can you also use placeholders from PlaceholderAPI using its %<identifier>_<values>% placeholder format. PlaceholderAPI needs to be installed on the server (not proxy) for that.

If you're a plugin dev can you even add your own custom placeholders through AdvancedServerList's own API.

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The plugin uses the MiniMessage format for a consistent, easy way of formatting your text. Only certain options are usable for each option. As an example does motd support HEX colours and gradients, while the other options only support default colour codes.

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All listed dependencies are optional.

Dependency Platforms
PlaceholderAPI Paper
ViaVersion Paper
PAPIProxyBridge BungeeCord, Velocity
Maintenance All


This plugin sends statistics to bStats to display.
You can disable this in the global bStats config file located in /plugins/bstats/




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Published onMarch 4, 2023
Supports Folia