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Plugin for Spigot, PaperMC, BungeeCord and Velocity to create custom Server list designs

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AdvancedServerList is a plugin designed to allow the largest possible customization for your server's appearance in a Player's multiplayer screen.
The plugin offers extensive customization including changing the MOTD, player count text, player count hover and favicon of your server. All while also allowing you to create multiple profiles with priorities and conditions to set when a specific profile should be displayed.

Supported Platforms


Server List Profiles

A Server List Profile is a single YAML file located in the plugin's profiles folder. It contains settings that allow you to modify the server's appearance within a Player's multiplayer screen.

Priority and Conditions

Each file has a priority and optional condition. The priority is used to determine what file AdvancedServerList should use first - starting from highest number to lowest - with conditions being used to set when the profile should be used.
Once a profile has been found with a condition returning true - which is the default should there be no condition - will AdvancedServerList use said profile.

Read more about Priority and Conditions


AdvancedServerList supports two sets of placeholders. The first one being its own placeholders using the ${<type> <values>} format adobted from BungeeTabListPlus and the second one being placeholders from PlaceholderAPI using its %<identifier>_<values>% placeholder format.

Note that internal placeholders can be used in all text-based options of a profile, while PlaceholderAPI placeholders can be used in all text-based options except the condition one.
As a final note can plugins provide their own placeholders to use within AdvancedServerList by using its API.

Read more about Placeholders


AdvancedServerList utilizes the MiniMessage formatting to handle colors and formatting of text. This option was chosen over legacy formatting - using & character - for being more clear and readable in its design, not to mention having an easier way for more complex features such as RGB gradients.

Read more about Formatting


AdvancedServerList soft-depends on the following plugins, meaning their inclusion is not required.

Plugin Supported Platforms
PlaceholderAPI Paper
ViaVersion Paper
PAPIProxyBridge BungeeCord, Waterfall, Velocity
Maintenance Paper, BungeeCord, Waterfall, Velocity


The plugin sends statistics to bStats to show.
You can disable the sending of statistics in the global bStats config located inside /plugins/bstats/.

You can find the bStats pages of the plugin for the following platforms:


Below can you find a collection of videos made for my plugin. If you made a video and it isn't shown here, let me know and I'll add it.

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Published onMarch 4, 2023
Supports Folia