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lokka30 released this version: August 19, 2023

A massive thank-you to PenalBuffalo for writing this update!


  • when enabled (default) LM will store a hash against the current ruleset on each mob. If the rules change then that stored hash value will become invalid and when that chunk is loaded or a player is near the mob, the rules will be reevaluated
  • added new setting in settings.yml: check-mob-hash
  • fixed a bug when running command /lm reload it would start another instance of the async task scheduler
  • two new rules relating to the chunk kill max system: disable-item-boost-on-chunk-max and disable-xp-boost-on-chunk-max
  • when using the chunk kill max system and have disable-vanilla-drops-on-chunk-max set to true, xp drops are disabled as well
  • if a mob has low remaining health and gets relevelled to a lower level, it will no longer die by having it's health reduced to 0
  • overhauled some preset merging code
  • fixed parsing of custom death messages in rules.yml
  • fix error on Minecraft 1.16 when a player dies
  • fix issue on Minecraft 1.16 Paper servers where hex color codes were not getting translated
  • fix issue on Minecraft 1.16 when players first join the world they see nametags with a few unresolved placeholders
  • minor code refactoration
  • bump maven dependency versions


Published onAugust 19, 2023


Paper Paper (1.16-1.20.1)


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