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PenalBuffalo released this version: November 2, 2023

⚔ LevelledMobs v3.13 ⚔

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The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling SolutionUpdate #110
Please read the change-log below so you are aware of any changes that may affect your server.
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This is the first update release as stumper66 (aka PenalBuffalo) as the resource owner. Keep in mind this doesn't change anything as I've been writing the LM code since 2.0 anyways.

WARNING: with this version there is a breaking change if you use custom textures with player heads in custom drops. More info here: Documentation customdrops.yml · ArcanePlugins/LevelledMobs Wiki (github.com)


  • removed player head custom texture support; use LM Items and HeadDatabase for similar functionality
  • fix Minecraft 1.19.2 compatibility
  • update /lm info command to show 1.20 supportability
  • in custom drops for the amount, using a decimal instead of an integer will no longer invalidate the item
  • added placeholder %player-uuid%
  • when using player levelling with tiers and no tier match is found, the level cap will still apply instead of using the general maxlevel configuration
  • general code refactoration relating to player levelling code
  • added new customdrops.yml option: equip-on-helmet
  • prevent PAPI from including a trailing &r when using LM provided placeholders
  • when using the command /lm rules show_effective and player levelling is enabled, it will show the value used and the player name it was run against, if applicable
  • various small changes to rules.yml
  • added new setting: print-lm-summon-results. When set to false (default is true) then the results of using the /lm summon command will not be sent to the console or player that executed the command
  • allow stringed tier names for player levelling tiers (again)
  • added new settings in customdrops.yml group-limits. this makes maxDropGroup obsolete
  • added new debug type: GROUP_LIMITS
  • separated out the CUSTOM_DROPS debug into 2 additional debugs: CUSTOM_EQUIPS and MOB_GROUPS
  • small code refactoring

If you want to use custom textures for player heads in custom drops, you must install the following plugins: LM Items 1.2.12 or newer: LM Items | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft Head Database: Head Database | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft Afterwards the process is really easy, just specify a number from the headsdatabase such as:

  - HeadDatabase:67214:


Published onNovember 2, 2023


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