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Level-up mobs on your server, RPG-style! Perfect for Survival, Skyblock, and more.

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PenalBuffalo released this version: December 5, 2023

⚔ LevelledMobs v3.13.3 ⚔

The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling SolutionUpdate #113
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* support for Minecraft 1.20.3
* renamed summon-command-spawn-distance-from-player in settings.yml to summon-command-spawn-max-distance-from-player
* added new setting in settings.yml: summon-command-spawn-min-distance-from-player
* overhauled the code that finds a spawn point when using the command /lm summon so it's more consistent and doesn't spawn mobs inside blocks


Published onDecember 5, 2023


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