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Level-up mobs on your server, RPG-style! Perfect for Survival, Skyblock, and more.

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PenalBuffalo released this version: December 29, 2023

⚔ LevelledMobs v3.14.1 ⚔

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The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling SolutionUpdate #116
Please read the change-log below so you are aware of any changes that may affect your server.
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This update includes multiple changes to the default rules.yml file. It is recommended that you update your rules file to incorporate the recent changes. You can view the latest default rules.yml file on GitHub.

We have also been able to provide nametag compatibility for Lib's Disguises entities. A long requested feature which has been difficult to achieve until now.

Finally, we completely redesigned the debug system, placing it within a set of commands which include filters, timers, etc. The old debug system will still exist for now, however we recommend using the new feature as it provides a far cleaner localized output, combined with multiple pass or fail filters, that can isolate a problem entity or area far more quickly than the previous method. For more details, please read the GitHub wiki for Debugging, or look for support at our Discord.


  • updated vanilla_challenge preset in rules to zero out all multipliers

  • small changes to debug system


Published onDecember 29, 2023


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