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A Paper plugin which adds PlaceholderAPI parsing for signs.

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MrIvanPlays released this version: July 2, 2023

PAPISigns v1.0.1

  • Added Minecraft 1.20(.1) support
    • With 1.20, Mojang introduced the option to write on both sides of a sign. Support for the back side of signs has been introduced. In order to support this however, the commands have been slightly changed so that the plugin knows which side to modify e.g instead of /papisign set <color/placeholder> <line> <placeholder/color> , now the syntax is /papisign set <color/placeholder> <side (could be either front or back)> <line> <placeholder/color>
  • Added MiniPlaceholders support (thanks to 4drian3d) (commit)
  • Changed placeholder argument from single to greedy type (thanks to ihatecsv) (commit)


Published onJuly 2, 2023


Paper Paper (1.20-1.20.1)


Paper Paper

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