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Track all kinds of player gameplay statistics, not only from battles!

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Record various gameplay stats on a Minecraft server to better track the activity of the players. This is logged to a MySQL database and can then be used for other purposes like finding sources of griefing, grant rewards for completing tasks, build player profiles, or anything of your choosing. Multiple servers on a network can share the same database.

No visualisation tools are included, this is left up to the server owner.

This plugin was developed out of a growing frustration from other plugins no longer getting updated, or giving inaccurate results.

Basic table format

uuid: The player's unique ID amount: The amount of times this task was completed world: The name of the world the action took place in, automatically read from the server. Additional fields are added on the tables to record relevant data, while some others have a different format.

For example, the more complex stats_io_deaths: source: the source of the death (player or entity) target: the target of the death (player or entity) world: the world where the action took place cause: the cause of the death (which weapon or item) weapon_name: the weapon's custom name, if set amount: the amount of deaths matching all of the above player_source: if the player was the cause of the death player_target: if it was a player that died

Database tables and tracked values

All table names are prefixed with stats_io_ to avoid naming conflicts with other plugins.

arrows beds_entered blocks_broken blocks_placed buckets_emptied buckets_filled change_world chat_words commands consumed crafted damage deaths eggs_thrown fish_caught item_broken item_dropped item_picked_up joins kicks move pvp_streak shears teleports trades xp_gained


  • Download the plugin and place it in your plugins/ directory.
  • Start and stop the server to generate the configuration file.
  • Edit config.yml with your MySQL database information.
  • Start your server. After a minute, the MySQL table will start getting results.


database.host: Database host database.port: Database port database.base: Database name database.username: Database username database.password: Database password


givehead PLAYER: Obtain the skull of the specified player


iobattlestats.track: Add to any player or group to be logged iobattlestats.givehead: Determine who is allowed to use the /givehead command

Why is this plugin reliable?

I use all of my plugins on my own servers, and I like my plugins to be stable, reliable and low maintenance. Breaks on version upgrades are not expected, but should they happen, they will be quickly fixed.

Support my work

If you enjoy my work, I welcome sponsors! I've been running Minecraft servers since 2011, developed several plugins and tools for server owners, and I'm now working my way through releasing many of them. Your support would go a long way toward encouraging me to put more time and effort into this, plus fix any issues that might be discovered over time!

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Published onApril 26, 2023

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