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Track player visits through WorldGuard regions

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This plugin tracks the movement of Minecraft players through all defined WorldGuard regions.

All records go in a stats.yml file, which records the number of times that each player has entered each defined region. The regions a player is present in is saved through reconnections and server restarts.

This plugin doesn't have a direct dependency on WorldGuard: it reads the regions files created by the plugin directly from the filesystem. No API features are used.

Only cuboid regions (the default) are used as-is. Polys will be extended to the largest bounding box (a rectangle), then that area will be used for the detection.

Logging player activity

The first, main use of this plugin is to track how many times a player has entered a given region. This can be used to monitor player activity, grant rewards for entering a specific zone, or whatever else you see fit.

/anyone command

The /anyone command can be used by any player with the permission to check if anyone is within a region at the given moment. Here's a sample configuration:

      display: Spawn point
      warning: none
      display: Sleeping quarters
      warning: busy
      display: Watch tower
      warning: empty

A player using /anyone will get a report on the status of each defined region.

  • The region named "spawn" will simply display its name and the number of players there, if any.
  • The one named "beds" will be highlighted in green if empty, meaning that it's available; and red if currently occupied.
  • The one named "lookout" is the opposite: red if empty (no one is keeping watch), while green if someone is in position.


worldguard-path: The path to WorldGuard, if not the standard. Defaults to plugins/WorldGuard/.
worlds: The worlds to check for activity; comma-separated list.
regions-query: Which regions should be included in the /anyone command. Explained above.


/anyone: Check the amount of players present in each defined region.


iotracker.anyone: Usage of the /anyone command

Why is this plugin reliable?

I use all of my plugins on my own servers, and I like my plugins to be stable, reliable and low maintenance. Breaks on version upgrades are not expected, but should they happen, they will be quickly fixed.

Support my work

If you enjoy my work, I welcome sponsors! I've been running Minecraft servers since 2011, developed several plugins and tools for server owners, and I'm now working my way through releasing many of them. Your support would go a long way toward encouraging me to put more time and effort into this, plus fix any issues that might be discovered over time!

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Published onNovember 23, 2023

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