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In-game plugin downloader and updater using the SpigotMC or Hangar marketplace.

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Plugin Portal is an in-game plugin downloader and updater using the SpigotMC marketplace. View resource data, install and update plugins all from the comfort of your Minecraft chatbar.


  • Direct Install: You can install your plugins directly from in-game with a single command!

  • Plugin List: We support over 100,000 plugins to download! You can just start typing and search among this huge list.

  • Plugin Previewing: Check if the plugin is the correct one. With /pp preview command you can check stats, ratings and reviews in-game so you can be sure.

  • Cross Version Compatability: We are compataible with every single version from 1.8+!

  • Malware Detection: When installing a plugin, you don't need to be afraid if it has malware! We'll handle this for you instead.

  • Live Updating: We allow you to download the latest verison with a notification in-game!

  • Automatic plugin starting: Just installed a plugin? No need to restart the server, we'll give it a kick up the backside and boot it up.

  • Plugin Managing: Need to uninstall or list the plugins in your server? We got you covered!

  • Multi-Website Support: We have experimental support for websites such as SpigotMC, GitHub, and external direct downloads. (Experimental)

  • No Inactive Plugins: We've automatically filtered out all inactive/deprecated plugins for you so you don't accidently download something that doesn't work anymore.

    ...and many more! Scroll down to see features we're working on.


Here's how it looks to install a plugin from SpigotMC's 100,000+ directory:


Here's how a plugin with a resource icon might look:


Here's how a regular SpigotMC plugin might look (this could be yours!):


Want to update your plugins without even opening your browser?



/pp preview (Plugin Name) | pluginportal.preview Shows a preview of the plugin (as shown above) using all possible data from the SpigotMC marketplace. This helps to make sure you install the correct plugin!

/pp install (Plugin Name) | pluginportal.install This will install the latest version of the plugin directly from SpigotMC.

/pp update (Plugin Name) | pluginportal.update This will update an installed plugin to the latest version from SpigotMC.

/pp list | pluginportal.list This will list all plugins locally installed with Plugin Portal.

/pp delete | pluginportal.delete Disable a plugin and delete the jar.

/pp request | pluginportal.request Some plugins don't host directly on the marketplace and use external links. We have systems to detect common places such as GitHub or Jenkins, but if somebody chooses to host on their own complicated site then PP cannot easily find the jar download. For this reason, if you get an error saying this in-game, then you can request that we manually add the download link for the plugin!


We just released in March 2023 with a basic product which we are looking to supercharge very soon. We look forward to implementing the following upcoming features:

  • Improved malware detection
  • BungeeCord support
  • Recognising already installed plugins
  • Support for Jenkins and more external download links
  • Community submitted alternative download links
  • Fully configurable language file

Tip: Plugin Portal will let you know if it is out of date. If you see a message to update, come here and download the new version so you don't miss the latest features.


If you need support with the plugin, please come and join our Discord over at:


We have a loving community of developers who are more than happy to assist in your issues and take your suggestions. ❤️


You are welcome to contribute to Plugin Portal as we have open sourced the code. Head over to our GitHub repository here:


If you are a developer, you are welcome to create PRs which we will review periodically. If not, please create an issue.

If you have no GitHub knowledge, then you are welcome to join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/pluginportal) where you can create suggestions to be voted on by the community.


We are currently working on a premium version of Plugin Portal. It will contain a boat load of features which we think this community will love.

This will be released sometime 2024. Keep checking back!

Note: Plugin Portal works on all versions from 1.8-1.19. However, some cool features are missing on old versions due to limitations in the API. We always advise running the latest version of Minecraft so you can get the most out of Plugin Portal and the rest of the SpigotMC community.

Thank you, and enjoy our project. ❤️


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