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Integrate InteractiveChat features and more into DiscordSRV!

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This is an addon for my other plugin, InteractiveChat. With this addon, you will be able to have InteractiveChat Placeholders translated on DiscordSRV discord messages. As well as sharing items, and inventories to discord and sharing images and gifs to the game from discord!


1. Display Item / Inventory / EnderChest Contents on Discord

Included in the generated inventory / item image:

  • Inventory Background
  • Player Inventory Puppet with Armor, Elytra and Hat Items/Blocks
  • Item Image
  • Durability Indicator
  • Item Amount
  • Banner Pattern
  • Decorated Shield Banner Pattern
  • Enchantment Effect
  • Dyed Leather Armor Color
  • Broken Elytra Texture
  • Armor Trims
  • Decorated Pot Patterns (And possibly more!)

Included in the generated item description / tooltip:

  • Item Image
  • Item Amount
  • Item Type / Display Name
  • Item Lore
  • Item Potion Effects
  • Item Enchantments
  • Dyed Leather Armor RGB Color
  • Firework Rocket Flight Duration
  • Firework Data
  • Unbreakable
  • Filled Map Contents (Including Markings)
  • Filled Map Data
  • Clock Time
  • Compass Direction
  • Crossbow Charge State
  • Crossbow Charged Item
  • Container Contents Image (E.g. Shulker Box Contents)
  • Banner patterns
  • Shield patterns
  • Item attributes
  • Item CanDestroy & CanPlaceOn blocks
  • Writable/Written Book Contents
  • Written Book Data
  • Bundle Contents
  • GoatHorn Type
  • Armor Trims
  • Decorated Pot Patterns (And possibly more!)

If I missed any, send me a message!

2. Translate InteractiveChat Placeholders on Discord


  • Placeholder replaced with Replace Text if available
  • Hover Text showed if available
  • Click Event showed if available and is type OPEN_URL or COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD

3. Preview Images from Discord on Maps (Works with jpg, png and gif)

Yes! Gif will be animated up to 20 frames per second.

Do not worry! You cannot actually get the map as an item nor will your original item in hand be overridden, so it is survival server friendly.

4. Beautify Advancement Messages

Show the Item icon of the advancement in the discord message Works with datapack advancements as well!

5. Convert Attachments from Discord into Pretty Clickable and Hoverable Messages

6. Discord Commands

Currently available commands: (excluding sub-commands)

  • /item - Share the item in your inventory at the selected slot
  • /inv - Share the inventory of your/someone's discord linked in-game account
  • /ender - Share the ender chest of your/someone's discord linked in-game account
  • /playerlist - An in-game tablist style display of online players
  • /playerinfo - Show info regarding a player
  • /resourcepack - Show resource packs installed on ICD

7. Resource Packs Support

You can apply your own resource pack and have anything you'd expect from installing a resource pack on your Minecraft client applied! That includes but not limited to:

8. Language of Your Choice

Certain messages (Such as item names) are translated to your preferred language set in the config. The language file will be automatically downloaded from Mojang so you won't have to translate them yourself!

All other messages can be changed in the config.

The formatting can be altered in the config to suit your liking!



  1. Put InteractiveChatDiscordSrvAddon.jar into the plugins folder along with the required dependencies
  2. Start the server (Note that it will take some time to download the assets)
  3. Edit the config (if you need to)
  4. Restart the server (if you changed something in the config in step 3)

Development Builds


Showcase Server

Want to give the plugin a try?

IP: mc.loohpjames.com


API Info on Github


/interactivechatdiscordsrv reloadconfig - Reloads the config (or /icd reloadconfig) /interactivechatdiscordsrv reloadtexture [--redownload/reset] - Reloads the textures (or /icd reloadtexture) /interactivechatdiscordsrv update - Check for updates (or /icd update)


    description: Allows you to reload the config
    default: op
    description: Allows you to reload the texture
    default: op
    description: Get updater notifications
    default: op


How do I install my own resource pack?

Please take a look at the information here: https://github.com/LOOHP/InteractiveChat-DiscordSRV-Addon/wiki/Resource-Pack

I got an error like this, what should I do?

[15:46:14] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling InteractiveChatDiscordSrvAddon v4.0.3.17 (Is it up to date?)
github.scarsz.discordsrv.dependencies.jda.api.exceptions.ErrorResponseException: 50001: Missing Access

You need to give you bot access to SlashCommands on discord on the discord bot application page here: https://discord.com/developers/applications

You need to get an invite link with the required permissions as shown in this image:

If the bot is already in your server, you will have to kick it first and then invite it.

I got an error telling me this, what should I do?

No fonts provided by the JVM or the Operating System!
Check the Q&A section in https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/83917/ for more information

You need to install fontconfig onto your operating system.

  • Debian/Ubuntu/Mint: apt-get install libfreetype6 fontconfig
  • RHEL/CentOS/Fedora: yum install freetype fontconfig
  • SLES/OpenSUSE: zypper install libfreetype6 fontconfig

This is due to newer jdk requiring the operating system to provide fonts. If you are using a Minecraft server hosting service, you might want to contact your host. Here are some useful articles and links.

Default Config

Latest Config

Data usage

Usage statistics at https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/InteractiveChat will be visible to the public with your server included in the statistics. No private information of your server is sent.
Update checking is also done via https://api.loohpjames.com to notify you whenever a new version is released. No private information of your server is sent.
Minecraft assets will be downloaded from Mojang directly.
Additional assets are downloaded from https://api.loohpjames.com and https://resources.loohpjames.com, they are required for the plugin to function normally. No private information of your server is sent.


Published onApril 22, 2023


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