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Member since April 22, 202312 projects
Member since April 22, 202312 projects

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InteractionVisualizer by LOOHP

Visualize Crafting Tables, Furnaces, Enchantment Tables and more with animations through packets!

10 Stars 1,376 Downloads
December 15, 2023 101376
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HoloMobHealth by LOOHP

Display mob health CLIENT-SIDE ONLY through packets! Support custom JavaScript formatting!

1 Star 431 Downloads
December 15, 2023 1431
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InteractiveChat by LOOHP

Adding functionalities such as sharing items and inventories to chat, and creation of custom chat placeholders!

3 Stars 468 Downloads
December 15, 2023 3468
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InteractiveChatDiscordSRV by LOOHP

Integrate InteractiveChat features and more into DiscordSRV!

0 Stars 175 Downloads
December 14, 2023 0175
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LotterySix by LOOHP

Realistic number picking lottery with tickets count independent odds. Please bet responsibility.

0 Stars 61 Downloads
December 14, 2023 061
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ImageFrame by LOOHP

Put images on maps and walls!

11 Stars 1,848 Downloads
December 14, 2023 111848
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Bookshelf by LOOHP

Store Books in bookshelves with effect and sounds, with support for multiple other plugins!

1 Star 105 Downloads
December 14, 2023 1105
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LightUp by LOOHP

Conveniently light up your surroundings!

Admin Tools
1 Star 73 Downloads
September 28, 2023 173
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FallingSnow by LOOHP

Make snow fall cuz it's cool

0 Stars 21 Downloads
August 19, 2023 021
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EditableSignsLegacy by LOOHP

Vanilla should have this functionality added to be honest (Yay 1.20 finally did!)

1 Star 147 Downloads
April 23, 2023 1147
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