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Cross-Server Messaging Platform for Velocity with API and LuckPerms integration.

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Message is the first cross-server proxy messaging platform for Velocity with API and LuckPerms integration.

It is simple yet extensive, allowing for a working messaging system with no setup, but is also completely customisable with logical configuration files and API.

It has:

  • full & custom translation support - all messages sent by the plugin can be customised, which is useful for networks that have struggled with english-only plugins for years
  • extensive customisation - every aspect of the plugin can be customised
  • LuckPerms integration - if one wants to customise messages using data from LuckPerms, that is completely achievable with message
  • API integration - other plugins can integrate with message, for example moderation plugins or your internal toolkit for the best user & moderation experiences
message usage statistics 20servers, 100players at the time of writing message has dispatched thousands of messages on velocity servers worldwide, with little reported bugs.


See Hangar pages (to the right) or https://github.com/OskarsMC-Plugins/message/blob/main/docs/INDEX.md


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Published onMarch 4, 2023

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