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The Original, and Still the Best, Survival-Friendly Transportation Solution!


Pheotis released this version: June 7, 2023

Changelog / New Features

  • Fix for an issue that could result in strange button placements when multiple designs using the same border material exist.
  • Slightly improved documentation.
  • Early Support for MineCraft release 1.20. Use for anything below Paper 1.19.4-548

    NOTE: Please remember, this is a legacy release: Although this version is stable to run on 1.20, this legacy version of SG does not make full use of MC's new sign-related mechanics: These new features (sign editing, hanging signs, double-sided signs, etc.) will be fully incorporated into the ongoing rewrite.


Published onJune 7, 2023


Paper Paper (1.17-1.20)


Paper Paper