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The Original, and Still the Best, Survival-Friendly Transportation Solution!

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About The Stargate Rewritten Project

Conceptualised by Dinnerbone in 2010, and ported to Bukkit by Drakia in 2011, SG is the original transport plugin.
Unfortunately, following Drakia's retirement from development in 2013, the project splintered into over 50 forks.

As a disorganised multitude of minimally maintained forks, SG code quality for the past decade hasn't been great.
A collaborative effort between the authors of all major forks, the StarGate Rewritten Project aims to change that:

Our goal is to completely rewrite 2011's codebase into an expansive, capable, and user-oriented transportation solution designed for the modern MineCraft ecosystem.

Codebase: link Contributors: link
A public alpha test build is available via our discord!
Join the Alpha-Testers role to see it!

The rewrite is a WORK IN PROGRESS!

We hope to finish it "soon"; for more info, see our roadmap.
In the meantime, we are maintaining a legacy build (please see this for more info).


Key Features:

  • Completely rewritten codebase; more stable, more efficient, and more modern!
    • A load of technical changes (see the changelog for more info).
  • New API, adding support for addons.
  • All gates can now be both fixed and open (i.e. support for networked A gates)
  • New permission system with presets and increased granularity (more info)
  • Support for relational databases; flatfile now replaced with sqlite.
  • Support for button material variants
  • Support for per-player/rank portal limits (meta tag)
  • Completely overhauled configuration, with full localisation.
  • Drastically expanded localisation, now managed through this page.
  • New styling system, with support for highlight colours, base colours, and rgb.
  • Improved validity checks and portal protection options.
  • Complete parity with all other StarGate forks (including new flags, as needed).
  • Advanced teleporter; now recursively teleports players, entities, vehicles, their passengers, and any leashed entities.
  • Support for tags and other advanced material systems.
  • Completely overhauled interserver portal management; all supported functionalities (including networks, flags, etc.) can now function across server networks.
  • (todo) Gate specification overhaul eventually to support gatepacks.
  • (todo) A toggle flag (similar to a lever)
  • (todo) A terminal gateway system (similar to the towny concept of a nexus)
  • Officially supported (optional) addon suites, including:
    • Vanilla ++ mechanics including survival-friendly bundle/dye based rgb colours.
    • Deep integration and support for other plugins (including Towny).
    • A command-based system to robustly interact with portals.
    • Many new flags, including redstone portals, generative portals, etc.
  • Completely overhauled metrics system.