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Very simple standalone mariadb based coins api

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This CoinsAPI is a straightforward MariaDB-powered API for your paper server. It can be installed as a plugin and used as a library to access the API delivered with this plugin. It is effortless to set up and friendly to use for new developers.

You need to enter your MySQL connection details in the MySQL.yml file that is created in the data folder of this plugin!

API Usage

Make sure that your plugin has the "CoinsAPI" as a dependency before starting your development!

If you want to use the CoinsAPI as a library I suggest importing it via maven

  <name>Juligames Maven</name>
CoinsAPI coinsAPI = Bukkit.getServicesManager().load(CoinsAPI.class);

Access the CoinsAPI via the ServicesManager.

You can access now some handy methods to manage your coins via the coinsAPI object you obtained. If you should have any questions then please contact me via my email "[email protected]"


Published onJanuary 6, 2023

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