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Modern, multi-platform library facilitating integrations with economies and more

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Welcome to Treasury

A powerful multi-platform library for next-level plugin integrations.

by lokka30, MrIvanPlays, Jikoo, and several kind contributors.


Notice: Downloading Treasury for Sponge or Minestom instead? Download here.​


Treasury is a library plugin which provides other plugins on your server a standardised way of communicating with each other through Treasury's API suite. It aims to be a modern spin on Vault, offering concurrency support, multi-platform support, and a variety of other bonuses.

For example, you may have a virtual economy set up on your server where players can buy and sell goods. Using Treasury's Economy API, your Shops plugin can make transactions in the economy to whichever economy 'provider' plugin you have installed without them directly speaking to each other. This avoids plugins having to create an integration for every single other plugin they wish to support.

Treasury is best known for its Economy API, but it also provides APIs for Events, Services, and more to come. All of Treasury's APIs work on multiple platforms, from Bukkit to Velocity and even Minestom. Treasury's APIs take strong inspiration from existing ones and aim to offer the best experience to share without any platform dependence.

We aim to keep Treasury stable, robust, lightweight, powerful, and supported. To achieve this, Treasury maintainers conduct deep reviews into any changes to the plugin, especially additions to the APIs so that we can guarantee their stability for the future. Free support is provided on our community Discord where maintainers, helpers, and other users discuss.

Want to learn more about Treasury? Continue reading here.

Want to empower your plugin with Treasury's APIs? Check out the Quickstart guides.


Treasury is free, libre software. It is a community project which thrives via community contributions. See LICENSE.md for more details.


Never heard of bStats? Read more below.

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Treasury utilizes bStats metrics, as do thousands of other Minecraft plugins and software, from PaperMC to EssentialsX. This service collects very basic data on the server which is all public, e.g., how many servers are running Treasury, how many players are online, and so on. None of this data can be pinpointed back to a individual server, they all contribute to a single pool of data. This basic data is extremely valuable for the project's maintainers to ensure the needs of Treasury's userbase are best catered for.

All of the collected data is available here.

Should you wish to opt-out of bStats, simply disable it in the bStats config.yml file.


Hard work, combined with the power of Bulgarian grape Rakija /s

If you are interested in sponsoring Treasury's development, please let us know.


Published onJune 4, 2023
Supports Folia


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