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Store Books in bookshelves with effect and sounds, with support for multiple other plugins!

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Ever wondered why bookshelves in Minecraft cannot be used to store books? Well, now you can! With this plugin, you will be able to open bookshelves like chests and store books inside them.


^The particle effect indicating that a bookshelf is being opened

^The bookshelf contents, the number of rows can be customized


1. The bookshelves!

  • Right-click bookshelves to open a chest-like inventory
  • Bookshelves emit particles when a player is opening it (togglable in config) [1.13 or above]
  • Customize the number of rows each bookshelf has (default to 2 rows in config)
  • Plays a book placing sound when a player place or remove an item in a bookshelf
  • Limit the type of item that can be placed into bookshelves (Default to only books-like items in config)
  • Supports moving bookshelves with pistons and sticky pistons
  • Supports named bookshelves! (Similar to when you name a chest and place it down, the inventory retains the chest's item name)
  • Support Droppers (Need to be enabled in config)
  • Experimental support Hoppers and Hoppers Minecarts (Need to be enabled in config) (Note that it is quite resource intensive if you have too many bookshelves)
  • Supports creative shift-middle-click block to copy bookshelf with items inside

2. Enchantment Table Boosting! [1.11 or above]

  • Boost Enchantment Tables with surrounding it with bookshelves containing enchantment books with the enchantment of your choice!
  • More books, higher chance!
  • For example, if every slot of all bookshelf is Sharpness 5 books you will be guaranteed a sharpness enchantment!
  • The feature can be toggled in the config as always

Supported Plugins

(Bookshelves are seen just like chests in most of these plugins)


  • None!


  1. Put Bookshelf.jar into the plugins folder along with the required dependencies
  2. Start the server
  3. Edit the config (if you need to)
  4. Restart the server (if you changed something in the config in step 3)

Development Builds


Showcase Server

Want to give the plugin a try?

IP: mc.loohpjames.com


/bookshelf reload - Reloads the plugin /bookshelf update - Check for updates


Hoppers and Droppers do not work! What do I do?

You have to enable "EnableHopperSupport" and/or "EnableDropperSupport" in the config! (Note that it is quite resource intensive if you have too many bookshelves)

Enchantment Table Boosting does not work, and there are no errors, and I've already enabled it in the config, why is that?

If you are running Minecraft version 1.8 - 1.10.2, unfortunately, enchantment table boosting feature is unsupported on these versions.
If you are running Minecraft version 1.11 or above, double check your settings and permissions or contact me!

The shift + pick block with NBT function does not work, I already gave myself permission, what's wrong?

Currently, the feature is only tested in Minecraft 1.15+. If it doesn't work in another version, it is normal and is being worked on. Thank you for being patient!

How is the Enchantment Table Boosting calculated?

Check out the wiki page: https://github.com/LOOHP/Bookshelf/wiki/Enchantment-Table-Boosting


Bookshelf does provide an API for developers to customize or use its functions

  • When hoppers or hopper minecarts exchange items with bookshelves InventoryMoveItemEventwill fire, just listen to it just like any other bukkit events
  • When a player opens or closes a bookshelf, PlayerOpenBookshelfEvent or PlayerCloseBookshelfEvent will fire. If a player does not have permission to access that bookshelf (includes protection from other plugins, it will fire as cancelled (After priority LOWEST) https://github.com/LOOHP/Bookshelf/tree/master/src/main/java/com/loohp/bookshelf/API
    More info through the link above


bookshelf.use - Allow players to use a bookshelf [default: false] bookshelf.reload - Reload the plugin [default: op] bookshelf.copynbt - Allows you to shift-middle-click to copy bookshelf with items inside in creative [default: op] bookshelf.update - Allow you to receive update messages [default: op]

Default Config

Latest Config with Descriptions


  • Bookshelves do not output a redstone signal via a redstone comparator, I will attempt to add that once I find a method that works :/
  • Bookshelves transactions are not picked up by block loggers such as coreprotect, I will try to add that or create my own logging system in the future.

Data usage

Usage statistics at https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/InteractiveChat will be visible to the public with your server included in the statistics. No private information of your server is sent.
Update checking is also done via https://api.loohpjames.com to notify you whenever a new version is released. No private information of your server is sent.


Published onApril 22, 2023
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