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An epic baller that codes efficient plugins for all Minecraft versions!
Member since April 21, 20238 projects
Member since April 21, 20238 projects

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ClansLite by Loving11ish

A simple clans plugin for Minecraft. | With Folia Support |

0 Stars 135 Downloads
April 14, 2024 0135
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ClientDetector by Loving11ish

A simple plugin to detect/manage a player's client. | With Folia Support |

Admin Tools
15 Stars 1,047 Downloads
December 14, 2023 151047
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EpicHomes by Loving11ish

A fully featured homes plugin that is resource efficient and simple to use. | With Folia Support |

0 Stars 139 Downloads
December 5, 2023 0139
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PlayerGUIAdvanced by Loving11ish

A simple GUI that shows admins information about all the players on the server.

Admin Tools
2 Stars 49 Downloads
October 27, 2023 249
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CraftableTridents by Loving11ish

Add custom recipes to your server to craft tridents, elytra's & god apples.

0 Stars 52 Downloads
October 12, 2023 052
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SpeedLimit by Loving11ish

Slow down them players!

Admin Tools
0 Stars 15 Downloads
October 11, 2023 015
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RedLight-GreenLight by Loving11ish

A Red Light, Green Light mini game based off the Netflix series Squid Games

1 Star 9 Downloads
October 11, 2023 19
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PosCommands by Loving11ish

Trigger commands just by walking over a block! | Now with native Folia support! |

Admin Tools
0 Stars 21 Downloads
June 22, 2023 021
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