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Member since November 10, 202311 projects
Member since November 10, 202311 projects

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Origins-Reborn by cometcake575

Paper plugin inspired by the Origins mod for Fabric by Apace

4 Stars 227 Downloads
June 27, 2024 4227
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Origins-Fantasy by cometcake575

An Origins-Reborn addon for PaperMC servers, adding 9 new origins with a fantasy theme

Admin Tools
0 Stars 17 Downloads
June 25, 2024 017
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Origins-Mobs by cometcake575

An Origins-Reborn addon based on the Mob Origins mod by UltrusBot

0 Stars 57 Downloads
June 19, 2024 057
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Origins-Monsters by cometcake575

An Origins-Reborn addon for PaperMC servers, adding 6 new monster themed origins and 4 variants

2 Stars 77 Downloads
June 19, 2024 277
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Bibliothecary by cometcake575

A librarian villager trade rebalance, allowing you to 'teach' librarians enchantments using books.

1 Star 14 Downloads
May 31, 2024 114
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Origami by cometcake575

Run other servers/jars inside of Paper, Velocity or Waterfall servers, instead of having to buy a separate server host

0 Stars 37 Downloads
May 8, 2024 037
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DispenserCauldrons by cometcake575

Allows dispensers to pick up and place liquids in cauldrons like they can with regular liquids

0 Stars 7 Downloads
February 1, 2024 07
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InfectionIsland by cometcake575

Infection Island, a Minecraft server plugin where each player has 3 lives and some mobs become zombified when they die

1 Star 22 Downloads
November 18, 2023 122
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